10 Top Twitter / Social Media Apps For Comms Folk (Nov Update)

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For the last few months I’ve compiled a list of ’10 Top Twitter Apps For Comms Folk.’ (September’s list available here)

This month, I’m extending this a little bit to include some more generic applications / services that are handy for people working withing the marketing and communications industries.

1. Addictomatic – http://addictomatic.com – I love this site / service. Addictomatic allows you to create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic. Once you’ve picked your topic it will spit out results from Twitter Search, Google Blogs, DIGG, YouTube, Flickr and loads more. Still a little raw but my most used service this month.

2. Twitter Lists – I wasn’t sure about lists when they burst on to the scene recently, but if there is a group of influential Twitter users you’d like to keep a special eye on, it can come in very handy.

3. Twidroid Pro – http://twidroid.com/ – The intuitive, multi-account Twitter client for Android mobile phones i.e. HTC Hero, Motorola DEXT etc (one of the better search functions for a mobile device I’ve come across.)

4. Foursquare – http://www.foursquare.com/ – This might seem like an odd selection, but Foursquare (which is essentially a real-time venue tracker by user / location) has the ability to come in handy on the networking side of the game – it’s not at mass levels yet, but could be one to get your head around sooner rather than later.

5. Monitter – http://www.monitter.com/ – always makes this list for the fact that it is the best way of monitoring key words / conversations relevant to you which you can then refine by location / radius.

6. Popurls – http://popurls.com/ – The ‘aggregator of aggregators’ – this bad boy is the easiest and quickest way to see what’s popular online in real-time.

7. Lazy Tweet – http://www.lazytweet.com/ – Ever thrown a question out to the Twitterverse in the hope on for your followers will answer it? Well, this service posts your question to a board where anyone can see it and answer your query. Nice one.

8. Reddit – http://www.reddit.com/ – My favourite social news site purely for the fact that it has the most relevant tags / sections of all the ones out there…and for me seems to generate the most relevant traffic.

9. Alltop – http://alltop.com/ – the ‘magazine rack for blogs.’ Tailor by topic / interest area and let your RSS feed do the rest.

10. Flip Video – now, a controversial last selection as its not technically an app, but it does allow you to use one of the web’s most powerful social media sources, YouTube, incredibly easily. Simply shoot, connect, use the in-built editor and you’ll have a YouTube video ready in no time. Very worthwhile.

I’m always on the look ot for other apps that make life easier online so if you have any suggestions, flick them through.

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