Blink-fluence: A new term for a new generation?

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Influence. For some reason that word has been smacking me in the face since 7am this morning.

Wikipedia seen as the most influential website in the world Techradar

Radio (and in particular Radio 4) seen as the most influential medium PR Week

Finding influencers in social media Blog post from Brian Solis

The more I thought about it, the more I came back to the same thing: Is influence the most cherished currency in the world?

And is that why, through the emergence of new media channels, we all (seem to) want a piece of the action?


‘Blink-fluence’ – a new term for a new generation?

But then it hit me (again like a good right hook to the jaw), all the average punter can really achieve is a bit of ‘blink-fluence’ – the act of providing a split second of influence, to a very small group, leading to a defined reaction / response.

And it’s not through lack of effort, it’s simply down to volume / cutting-through.

But, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

In fact, I hope ‘blink-fluence’ becomes the norm one day.

Imagine a world we we took little pieces of advice / direction from everywhere, as opposed to big bits from a handful of sources. Nice eh?

So, next time you have one or two people say your blog/tweet/comment made an impact, feel good about it, as it might represent the future…and hopefully a far more interesting one.


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