Sir Richard Branson’s Top Five Marketing Coups Of All-Time

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The golden boy has done it…not that we should be surprised.

Thanks to Jenson Button and Brawn GP, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin brand has again struck gold with some very opportunistic and fortuitous marketing activity.

Does Sir Richard have a crystal ball? Is he just smarter than the rest of us? Or is it just luck?

No matter the explanation, he does have the uncanny knack of getting it right.

Let’s take a look at five of his more timely marketing coups:

1. Sir Richard launches Virgin Blue in Australia – ‘big deal’ you say, he launches a new airline every other week. But, on this occasion, he timed his run-up to perfection as Australia’s then second biggest carrier collapsed in virtually the same week Virgin Blue launched, helping his new airline grab 35% of market share in 6 months.

2. Virgin Atlantic takes British Airways to the cleaners – using the media’s favourite news criteria, conflict, Sir Richard took on ‘bully’ BA in the courts and won…not to mention the timeless ‘can’t get it up’ stunt when the London Eye first launched.

3. Virgin sponsors Brawn GP…and topples the world – a brand new team, a completely white car, two ‘questionable’ drivers…yep, sounds like a Branson special. Massive exposure at the start of the season and now basking in World Championship glory.

4. The name’s Branson, Sir Richard Branson – his uncanny timing saw his Virgin brand hop on board the James Bond 007 franchise as it enjoyed a rennaisance under Daniel Craig. Always bet on red.

5. Virgin teams up with Google to form ‘Virgle’ – we’ll let the video tell you the rest…applications are closed by the way!

Did I miss any of your favourites?

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