The ten most common Tweets by PR people

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As part of my mission to make us (PR people) more likeable to the outside world (and the media) I’ve decided that the occasional p*ss-taking post does an immeasurable amount of good (especially as I think we don’t take ourselves as seriously as non-PR people might think…well I hope so anyway!).

In fact, I was almost tempted to write a post about how people in the PR industry have seemingly become nicer to each other this year thanks to Twitter…but that seemed a bit dull, so I went with this instead.

The ten most common Tweets by PR people
1. The ‘check out our coverage’ Tweet: “We are so chuffed with the coverage we secured today, are you as chuffed as us?” (Well, I’m happy for you and all, but would rather that space have gone toward my story…good job though)
2. The ‘(attempted) humble self-congratulatory’ Tweet: “We are honoured to be named the 234th greenest agency in Shoreditch.” (Hold on, let me order some flowers…no wait, not very green of me…um, chocolate?)
3. The ‘I’ve got a celeb coming in and MUST tell everyone about it’ Tweet: “Exciting news. That girl who appeared in four episodes of Emmerdale in 1989 has just walked into our office. Updates to follow.” (What’s her name again? Oh right, that one, yep)
4. The ‘I’m at an event with another PR person who I’ve never met before’ Tweet: “This is so cool. I just met @ConsumerPRgod. He is ace. We’re best mates.” (Really?!?)
5. The ‘Twitter exclusive that really isn’t an exclusive’ Tweet: “OK, The Sun didn’t run this today so hoping if I tack ‘exclusive’ on this Tweet it will miraculously turn into a DPS for tomorrow.” (Ooops, that was a truthful version of that Tweet…ummm…where’s the delete button again?)
6. The ‘Re-Tweeted, Media Re-Tweet’ Tweet: “OMG, @newsdeskman just Re-Tweeted my Tweet about how many Tweets the average person sends per day. Here’s the link again…” (Nothing like some Re-Tweet validation eh?)
7. The ‘Question that doesn’t really need to be asked but you ask it anyway’ Tweet: “Does anyone know of any good promotional people I can hire at short notice?” (One word: Google)
8. The ‘It’s the story of the day so I must be in on it’ Tweet: “RT @Person29 RT @Person25 RT @Person21 Katie Price is back with Peter Andre. Officially // I knew it!” (Well done, next stop 3am and The Mirror for you)
9. The ‘Client name drop’ Tweet: “Just had a great meeting with @Frescos, exciting stuff planned for next year, really exciting.” (Go on, tell us more…)
10. The ‘Here’s the hashtag for tomorrow’s event’ Tweet:BoldOK, this is important, the Hashtag for tomorrow’s event is #foodwineandfodderfestival09. That’s the official one.” (Got it, and I promise I’ll use it…cross my heart)
Now, I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface – there are probably 20 others that you see on a regular basis.
If you have a suggestion, drop it in the box below.
Note 1: I’ve used every single one of these and feel no shame whatsoever…and neither should you.
Note 2: There is a moral to this post…I’m not sure what it is, but it’s in there somewhere.

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