5 conversations to avoid having with your boss at the office Xmas party

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It’s Friday. It’s December. So, this week, I’m combining my usual ‘fun Friday’ post with an element of Christmas. Yep, party season.

Now, this Blog is dedicated to communications and conversations (still trying to justify this post, clearly) so I thought it was worth looking at the top five conversations YOU DON’T want to have with your boss at this year’s Christmas party.

Without further ado, here are my nominations…

1. “It’s true, all I do is mess about on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all day long. It’s not research. It costs you more money than I’m worth. And LinkedIn is the greatest job search tool ever invented. Fact.”

Only use this one if you want to have a moderately uncomfortable night.

2. “OK, I admit it, that taxi receipt for £85 was not legit.”

Tisk, tisk. Once signed off, bury your feelings deep (plus it was legit!!). If you do happen to make this mistake, quietly remind yourself: “NEVER AGAIN!”

3. “Sure. I’d love to take on that role next year. Awesome.”

This breaks one of the classic rules of communication: Agreeing to something when you’re suffering from distress and /or stress, or when you’re simply in a mess.

Alcohol is not a truth syrup. (Also, never bring a pen to a Christmas party. Verbal agreements can usually be brought into question. A signature, not matter how wonky, is a little tougher).

4. “You know 11 months ago, when I sent that email out? The one with all that confidential company information? Yeah, I kinda, hit the ‘send to global address book’ button too…”

Arrgghh! The fundamental rule (and the one not to adopt if you want to be a transparent and sound communications professional) is ‘deny til you die.’

5. “I hate my Secret Santa gift. Whoever got it clearly put no thought into it.”

Now, I think you should always adopt the ‘Fight Club’ approach to Secret Santa the minute after gifts have been exchanged: “There was no Secret Santa.”

That brings this week’s ‘tentatively linked to communications’ post to a close.

As always, however, there’s usually a moral to the story and this week is no different.

“It’s not a lie if YOU believe it.”


NOTE: The more useful / serious stuff will return next week…depending on how tonight’s Christmas party goes…

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