5 Italian traits that brands / people should adopt for social media success

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Yep. Vincenzini. A good old fashioned Irish name.

OK, a little lie, it’s Italian, but I don’t consider myself Italian per se after growing up in Australia, but I did grow up with very Italian values instilled in me.

Take all ‘comedic’ stereotypes out of the equation for a second and you’re left with some pretty compelling evidence to suggest when it comes to Social Media, ‘Italian’ might be the way to go.

I’ve looked at five typically Italian traits and characteristics and explained why they could / should be adopted by everyone.

1. Italians invented sharing. You pop around for a coffee and you’ll probably leave with a new car. Tip: Be a ‘giver’ on social media platforms, your generosity will be appreciated and reciprocated…even if that’s not your aim.

2. Passion and enthusiasm. If you could bottle this stuff you’d be rich. The most compelling brands, people and products are the ones that exude passion. Tip: Be real, be passionate but know your boundaries…too much can also be suffocating.

3. Real connections. The most wonderful and annoying thing about having an Italian family is that they know everything about you, they genuinely care and have an interest in you. Imagine a brand who was able to do that? That brand would essentially be a member of the family. Via social media this could possibly happen. Tip: Care about your network and listen to the people you are connecting with!

4. Italians don’t believe in scoreboards (apart from at Football matches). By that I mean they don’t squabble over having favours returned and they’re not concerned with meaningless numbers. As long as the important people in your life are collectively happy, the details are irrelevant. Tip: Don’t keep score.

5. Italians are creative. Not only some of the most creative artists and designers come from “il bel paese” but Italians learn to be creative in their daily life! From creative ways to find a parking lot to all the different ways you could drink your coffee in an Italian bar. Tip: Creativity is a key ingredient for a successful social media communication campaign.

So, be a giver, passionate, connect with people, don’t keep a scorecard and be creative. That’s the real Italian social media recipe!


Also a big thanks to this post’s co-author @ChiaraCosenza who added in all the sensible / helpful bits.

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