5 Reasons Why You Should Follow @MattSingley and his Blog

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A couple weeks back, I compiled a list of my top 29 communications blogs of 2009.

The aim was pretty simple: share my ‘discoveries’ and create a useful tool / resource for other people.

Now, without giving @MattSingley too big a head (or give him the impression that I’m stalking him!) he really is one of the best people (in my very humble opinion) to follow on Twitter and subscribe to via RSS.

You can find out more about Matt by clicking here but in a nutshell, Matt’s one of the very few people I’ve come across who can translate social media strategy (which he has a great handle on) and make it digestible for the average Joe.

Anyway, enough of the ‘why Matt rocks’ stuff (kinda), here’s five reasons why I think you should add Matt Singley’s Blog to your reading list.

1. His posts are useful and helpful – check out the recent what you need to know about running a social media program from a client perspective post to get an idea of what I mean (only part one of a six part post in the series btw, first two have been great….rest to follow today)

2. Tool Time Productivity is one of Matt’s main area’s and in an industry which is as much about time management and effective use of tools as it is about anything else, you’ll find a bunch of great tips and resources by clicking here.

3. He has an opinion / positionhelps eh? Well it does for me. In what is still a relatively new area, it’s quite hard to come across people who have the confidence to actually ‘say something’ – Matt does it, but generally in a constructive way, and that in turn gives me confidence in what he’s saying.

4. Know now, no, now…now! With things moving so quickly, it’s hard to stay on top of every new development, but I’ve found that the important stuff that ‘you must know’ Matt covers off at the right time and in the right way – check out his post on why Foursquare is the next social network. That’ll help.

5. He just seems like a decent guy – for me, the most important one – in my little foray into social media this year I’ve found the people / blogger’s I warm to the most are incredibly socially aware (funny that!). But Matt is, and it translates in his activity online.

Now the disclaimer / my two pence: Matt hasn’t paid me to write this post (in fact I think I’ve probably embarrassed the hell out of him).

I just think it’s worth highlighting the people who really know their stuff – I’ve learnt a helluva lot from Matt of late and I don’t see why you shouldn’t too (if you’re not already!!)

Are there any other Blogs / Blogger’s you really admire? Pop them into the comments box below…no harm in sharing 🙂


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  • Reply December 3, 2009


    I agree with this post completely. There are plenty of social media drones who go on and on and churn out reasons and lists, but Matt spices his Tweets with enough personal opinion to show he’s a real human being with a life; he actually will reply to you if you @ him; and he generates well-thought out posts I enjoy reading and almost always pass on.

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