10 Most Useful Social Media and PR Blog Posts of the Week – 15 Jan 2009 Edition

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NOTE: I’m going to post these weekly specials on my Posterous account until the end of the year when I’ll feature the top 100 for 2010.

Towards the end of 2009, I published a list of my picks for the 99 most useful Social Media and PR posts of the year.

In 2010, I’m posting my nominations for the 10 most useful posts each week…here are this week’s posts / links courtesy of the broader ‘Comms Community’…and a couple by me…

NOTE: If you read / find a post which you think should be considered for this series, just add #cc10 to the relevant Tweet.

The permalink for this post is: http://bit.ly/10outof10

The most useful posts of the week – 15 Jan 2009

* Special mention to the guys at Simply Zesty for two of the posts featured below…a Blog worth following.

PR / Media

How To Write Media Releases That Google Will Love / Get Page Rank by Barbara Rozgonyi

8 Lessons Journalists Can Learn From Scientists by PBS

Social Media

5 Twitter / Social Media Apps Every Marketer Should Test-Drive In 2010 The Comms Corner

Ten Tiny Twitter Tips That’ll Transform Your Twitterverse The Comms Corner

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools by Simply Zesty (Via Steve Farnsworth)

Blogging / Writing

How To Build Strong Blogger Relations by Penn Olson

3 Simple Ways Bloggers Sabotage Themselves/ by BloggingTips

Lost For Words? 5 Novel Ways To Beat Writers Block by Emily Cagle


How iHeart reached 29 Million Monthly Active Users On FaceBook via Inside Facebook

5 Incredible Social Media Campaigns That Leveraged Video Worldwide By Simply Zesty

As always, credit goes to the people who have take the time to create this great content – be sure to thank them if you click through.

The next ’10 out of 10′ special will be delivered on 15 January 2009 – don’t forget to leave a comment and use the #CC10 hashtag throughout the year.


Previous Editions…

The most useful posts of the week – 8 Jan 2009

Social Media

Michael Fruchter’s excellent Social Media Toolkit – everything you need

Advice on how to manage your repuatation online from Read Write Web

Twitter / Blogging

The 40 best Social Media Bloggers on Twitter: The list (if you’re not following these guys already, here’s your chance)


Scobleizer’s Start Ups To Watch in 2010 – a couple of really exciting ones to keep an eye on amongst this list


Chrome fans will love this – social networking Chrome extensions for Twitter and Facebook

Demystifying Digg: Save time and add value by adhering to this practical advice

PR / Media

The editor of a major regional newspaper in the UK talks about the state if the industry…and the future

Trends / Tracking

The ever insightful Simon Mainwairing serves up his top ten digital trends for 2010 – can’t recommend this one enough

Social Radar’s Top 50 Social Brands of 2009 – worth keeping on file come this time next year

Case Study / In Action

Chicago Pizza Guys creates a social media ‘Domino’ effect (includes a list of the tools used, great suff)

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