Is @DannyBrown the nicest Fella on the planet?

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If he’s not number one, he’s pretty d*mn close!

I watched (quietly) with a really good feeling in my stomach last night UK time when I saw @DaveFleet and a few other people talking so publicly and positively about Danny.

For those who don’t know much about him, he’s an incredibly bright and generous member of the ‘Comms Community’ – check out his Blog if you’d like to know more ( .

I’ve only chatted with Danny a handful times via Twitter but he’s always left me with a good feeling…some people just have that gift.

It helps that he’s incredibly selfless and that this sentiment is shared by so many others who know him.

The ‘light bulb‘ moment

I woke up with last night’s events firmly in my head and had a bit of a bit of a ‘light bulb‘ moment.

The biggest ‘winners’ from the Social Media explosion have been every country outside the USA.


Don’t be, it’s so simple that I’m annoyed it’s taken me this long to piece it together.

In my opinion (one which may or may not be shared by others) America has unfairly suffered from a weakened reputation around the world in the last decade.

Some may simply (and again, it’s debatable) lay most of the ‘blame’ at the feet of George W. Bush.

(For the record, people narrow minded enough to let the perception of one person affect their opinion of an entire country should probably stop reading this now).

I do tend to babble on so I’ll get to my point.

There has been a lot of talk about how Barack Obama has helped the rest of the world fall in love with America again (again, for the record I’ve always had a soft spot for the States…I mostly thank David Stern for that!).

But, it’s my very humble opinion that the collective power of Social Media, in particular Twitter, has brought about millions of great American Brand Ambassadors, reminding us why we pay such close attention to that part of the world…and for the RIGHT reasons.

Now, of course, if my pals in the States want to say that they’ve benefited more than we have, please go ahead…but if Social Media has taught me one thing, it’s that we truly are a global community and we should treat everyone in that spirit…just like Danny does.

Footnote One:

I also met another couple of lovely folk last night, who again, reminded me of the ‘goodness’ in this world.

@CarolineBosher and @Mazi I find your approaches to life inspirational, bringing people together for collective good is what life’s all about.

Footnote Two:

Normal Blog service i.e. a mostly ‘light-hearted’ looks at PR and Social Media will resume tomorrow 🙂

Footnote Three:

Apologies for the lack of links…busy day!


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  • Reply January 14, 2010

    Danny Brown

    Haha, where do I start Adam> 🙂

    Thanks muchly for your "endorsement" – I really don't know how to reply to it. And I'm sure many, MANY folks would disagree. 🙂

    One thing is clear – social media does seem to bring the best out in people, and even if it never had any business benefits, for that alone the medium is an incredible success.

    PS – I&#

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