The Best Way To Ensure Social Media Doesn’t P*ss Off Your Boss

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I tend to Blog quite a lot about Social Media and productivity…especially when it comes to Twitter.


Well, as one of my dearest friends like to point out (regularly) it can be the ‘ultimate recipe for distraction.’

And, he’s right.

The best solution I’ve stumbled across, and have consciously made use of more in 2010 is my ‘favourites’ button and

I’m going to very quickly outline what, how and why I use this as part of my Social Media routine.

Favourites and Favstar: The Guide

Put simply, your ‘favourites’ function allows you to ‘flag up’ up a Tweet you’re interested in.

On most platforms, you’ll find the favourites button in the shape of a ‘star’ in the right hand corner of your Tweet ‘panel’ (example below):

You then add to the mix – which, is essentially a ‘filing system’ for the Tweets you’ve marked up as favourites (it also tells you which of your Tweets other people of flagged up, the most popular Tweets and more).

(Favstar is free to join and easy to set up, and also includes a really useful video tutorial).

In Action

So, let’s pretend you’re at your desk and your Twitter stream is ticking over like mad and EVERY Tweet is something you’re interested in…are you REALLY going to be able to stop and read each one? Ummm, no.

You could bookmark them…but that’s primarily for sites, not individual posts.

This is where the embedded function and Favstar come together to make beautiful music.

1. Keep an eye on your Twitter stream during the day and if things pop up of interest, flag it up as a favourite.

2. Every time you do this, Favstar will store these Tweets (and associated links) in a tab on your account.

3. At lunchtime, or at the end of the day, simply log in to Favstar and your ‘given’ favourites will be in an easy to manage section.

4. You now have the time to filter through the once you’ve flagged up and read / consume the ones worthy of your time upon review (see below).

The benefits

Time: Instead of stopping and reading every Tweet / Link as it comes through, you’re simply ‘holding it’ temporarily

Quality: By saving up these Tweets and consuming them at once during an allotted period you’ll get more from them as they’ll have your undivided attention

Control: It puts you back in control of Twitter, as opposed to the other way around, making it a complimentary part of your day as opposed to an all-encompassing one

Bonus: You’ll find a section where people have given ‘favourites’ to your Tweets – now this isn’t simply a narcissistic piece of gratification, importantly it gives you an indication of which Tweets of yours other have found useful which can drastically improve the way you operate.

As mentioned earlier, there is a tutorial on at if you’d like to learn more, but my advice is keep it simple and make your boss prouder than ever before!


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