Review: iTunes + Spotify + Twitter = mflow (aka #SocialMusic)

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The future of music sharing (incl. video demo)

By Adam Vincenzini 

I often review tools and apps on the COMMS corner but usually as part of sets i.e. 5 online tools making social media easier in 2010

However, it’s very rare for me to single out one social media service or product.

It has taken something “pretty freakin’ awesome” to change that fact…and that dose of “awesomeness” comes in the form of mflow.

What is mflow?

mflow is music sharing on steroids.

In order to give you the best insight into what it is and how it works, check out the demonstration video I compiled below:

(Excuse me and my cold…sound a little ‘nasaly’)

As you’ll see from the demonstration, it is a really clever and fun service.

The fact that you can earn credits (in addition to topping up your balance via your bank card) by being active and recommended music is a really engaging feature.

Now, it’s still in Beta and won’t be released in full until mid-April, so it’s hard to be too critical of the bits that are missing i.e. the music selection (currently) is relatively limited and it is also only available to UK users (again, currently)

Nevertheless, I really think it gives us a preview into the future of music sharing / buying and I encourage you (for what that’s worth!!) to try it out.

Special trial code for readers of the COMMS corner

The guys at mflow have been kind enough to give me a bunch of trial codes to pass on to you so you can try the service out for yourself.

Simply go to:


2. Enter the following code: ADAMV77

3. Test away!

There are only a limited number of trial passes available, so get in quick.

For more on mflow, check out the mflow Blog

Adam Vincenzini

Oh, if you want to follow me on mflow, my user name is AdamVincenzini

NOTES: I do not have an official connection / involvement with the marketing or operation of this product. It is simply a really interesting idea that I wanted to highlight on my Blog

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