Social Media in 3D

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Social Media is more real in 3D, by Adam Vincenzini

Just because you are engaging in online activity via a predominantly two dimensional platform i.e. your computer that doesn’t mean you have to act that way.

I often see people follow a pretty standard template: text only blogs, wooden tweets and token engagement.

Here are some ideas to help make social media more fun, and in the process, help bring out more of the ‘real’ and three dimensional you…

Social Media in 3D – Tips and Hints

  1. Experiment, regularly: Not every blog post has to be 250 words and initiate a discussion. Try instead to deliver something that reflects you i.e. a series of pictures, a podcast, raise a simple question that has been on your mind, craft one big and bold statement, tell us 3 things you are passionate about, challenge your readers to a test, ask the people that have taken an interest in you what they’d like to hear from you – mix things up and be personality driven.
  2. Use video: Apart from meeting someone face-to-face, nothing brings you or your personality to life more than video. Provide us with a 2 minute video about you, a subject you’re passionate about, a talent you have…anything. It’ll help people gravitate towards you and vice versa.
  3. Get in the know: Read people’s biogs before you start engaging with them, find out what they are passionate about, establish some common ground and ‘actually’ take an interest in them, not just give the impression that you are.
  4. Spend a week just listening: Take a week’s break from Twitter, and just take everything in. Keep a record of what you learn. And then write a blog about it!
  5. Meet in the flesh: Make the effort to meet some of the people you connect with in person. If you feel a little uncomfortable about it, arrange a group meet up and bring a friend along. Social media is just an introduction, make it stick by taking it offline
  6. Break ‘the rules’ from time-to-time: Not every tweet has to be a re-tweetable length. Not every blog post has to be useful. Not every twitpic has to be funny. Always act with courtesy (because you are a member of a commumnity afterall) but don’t be robotic.
  7. Take part in live chats: I have met some of my favourite people courtesy of #PRstudchat and #journchat. But no matter your passion area, there’s always a ‘live’ place to express yourself.
  8. Put thought behind your #FollowFriday recommendations: Tell us why we should follow that person. If you want to nominate a few people, write a brief blog post which tells us a bit about them and then share it. Simply listing 8 names is pointless.
  9. Have an opinion: The most interesting people online and in real life have opinions. Comment on blog posts, or take it a step further and write a full response if you’re passionate enough about the topic.
  10. Don’t be afraid to be nice: I often get the feeling that being nice is misconstrued in social media. If someone makes your day with a message that makes you feel good, tell them. If someone says somethiong you don’t like, do the same, but be considerate. Treat people like people.

Finally, don’t be anything in this list: These are just one person’s suggestions / opinions. They may work for you. They may not. Just be you!

And as always, less is usually more.

If you are responsible for a brand’s social media activity, these ideas are just as applicable (within your guidelines). Even if you can’t try them all, just remember to keep ‘people’ top of mind when you’re conducting your activity…communicate ‘with’ them, not ‘at’ them…and be real.

If you have any other tips / ideas on how to be more ‘3D’ when it comes to social media, drop them in the box below.


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