#CommsChat – what do YOU want to chat about?

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#CommsChat co-founder, Emily Cagle, and myself have been really overwhelmed by the interest shown in the initiative so far….and we’re still more than a week away from the first one!

With that in mind it is time to start shaping these weekly Twitter chats so we all can get something from them.

As we outlined from the start, #CommsChat aims to bring several elements from the communications function together.


As journalism, PR, marketing, traditional and social media and other communications strands continue to ‘bleed’ into each other at a rate of knots, this community will be there to help steer the ship in a positive direction.

Ready, set…

With so much to talk about and address, where do we start?

We have selected a topic for #CommsChat launch on the 24th of May (being revealed in a few days), but after that it is entirely down to you.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve compiled some potential topics I think may be worth addressing, including:

Sector status – once every four weeks do we dedicate #CommsChat to a particular sector, identify its challenges / trends, and help each other get a better handle on what’s happening within that sector?

Topical – perhaps we simply take the most topical issue from the week and discuss / debate that during the #CommsChat session, collectively aiming to expand our collective understanding of these issues.

Guest specials – I think having special guests, who are specialists in the fields we are passionate about, could potentially ‘surprise’ us some weeks, providing there is a tangible link to holistic communications challenges / best practices.

Practical – is the idea of sharing thoughts about a specific activity appealing? Can we turn a session like this into a vibrant best practice brainstorm?

For myself (and Emily) the pupose is pretty straightforward: Get passionate people together once a week to challenge the status quo and develop relationships across the disciplines enabling for a better, more conducive working relationship.

Over to YOU…

So, it is now over to you…what do you want to ‘CommsChat’ about?

Thought on potential topics, suggestions for special guests, ideas about format…drop them in the box below.


Adam Vincenzini

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    Simon Taylor

    Will definitely keep an eye out for #commschat

    btw check out @Disqus for comments, I found I got way more comments after installing 🙂

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