40 useful things you can share on Twitter besides blog posts

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I was never good at ‘pass the parcel’ when I was a kid. I blame it mainly on being over zealous. That and my unhealthy competitiveness – always had to win (which didn’t always make me the best birthday party guest!)

Twitter reminds me of pass the parcel a bit – RSS readers are ripped open first thing in the morning and then the shiniest blog posts get circulated and shared…like a good prize should I suppose.

But shiny doesn’t always equal useful. In fact, I’d argue that the more unusual and varied your stream is, the better – both for you and your followers.

Making variety a pillar of your approach, coupled with the recognition that time is a finite resource, definitely means there is a place for short and sweet too (and how many blog posts can you really read in one day anyway?!?!?)

So, I had a bit of a think and compiled a list of things to consider sharing more often…here goes…

40 useful things you can share on Twitter besides blog posts

  1. Flag up a hashtag you are following for the day and why (or list a few that you think are worth a look)
  2. Discovered a new app / tool that’s useful? Provide a brief description and share the direct link i.e. MyTweeple.com is a great follower manager tool
  3. A link to a Wikipedia entry from your niche can be very useful – especially if its been updated
  4. Link to someone’s Twitter favourites – they are usually full of hidden treasures both for you and your followers
  5. Spotted a glitch or alteration to a platform you’re using? Let people know what it is and how to address it
  6. A specific conversation / thread might be going on – highlight it and link to it (actually share conversations)
  7. Some great discussion might be being made around a Facebook post – highlight it and link
  8. A link to a transcript from a Twitter chat – these usually packed full of useful insights and maybe highlight one key point
  9. Been given some invites to a new edition of a platform? Share those around i.e. the new Digg.com
  10. A link to a poll taking place that might stimulate some thought / encourage interaction
  11. Simply introduce two people that you think might hit it off – “@TomA meet @TomB, you guys have loads in common…”
  12. A link featuring a special offer or product that might be of interest / add value to your community
  13. A link to a YouTube video of interest to your niche
  14. A link to an example of a good ‘terms of use’ page on a blog you’ve visited (or similar)
  15. A link to a directory of blogs from your niche (or a great blogroll) is a nice share
  16. A link to a Twitter list you think is worth following and why or one from tweepml
  17. A link to a news aggregator and a brief explanation as to why it is useful
  18. Spotted a Flickr gallery / group being used in an interesting way? That’s worth a share
  19. A link to a place / directory where your followers blogs can be featured – adding great vale to them
  20. Interesting Twitter accounts are always worth sharing i.e. @CleverAccounts
  21. Flag up an event that’s coming up and possibly of interest to your community – link to the details
  22. A link to something light – @jeffespo does it beautifully with his ‘cartoon to start the day’ tweets
  23. Spotted a contentious issue developing? Create your own poll and encourage people to vote
  24. If you’ve discovered an interesting special on Foursquare – share it via Twitter
  25. Pull an interesting quote / stat out of a news item and feature that (as opposed to the prescribed headline and piece)
  26. Link directly to an interesting presentation on Slideshare.net
  27. Specific pages on blogs / sites can sometimes reveal more than the the daily live content – share interesting examples of those i.e. an about page or privacy page
  28. Google Chrome extensions always make life easier – started using a good one? Share it
  29. Explain why someone should follow a particular blog / author, as opposed to just just linking to individual posts with no context
  30. If you’re heading to an event, share the #hashtag and link to that event before / during / after
  31. Sometimes a link to a robust and engaged Facebook community page is worth sharing 
  32. A link to a good example online customer service i.e. Twitter complaint response 
  33. Go back in time -great timeless content is always worth a share – even if it has a 2007 date on it, share it
  34. Use TwitPic differently – take and share shots of use / value, not (just) pics of the beach while you are on holidays
  35. Have you just joined a new community? Let people know where they can find you with a link / user name tweet
  36. Use TweeShot to share a screen grab of interest (especially controversial tweets that might be deleted)
  37. Link directly to a relevant podcast
  38. Sometimes really basic but useful websites are launched – like this one – link to ’em
  39. Figured out a short cut / easy way of doing something.  Flag. it. up.
  40. Over to you…
I wrote this post for a selfish reason too – I’d love to know what other people share besides blog posts.
Can you recommend any other things that people find useful on Twitter?
Being useful opens the door to engagement for both individuals and organisations…let’s brainstorm!



  • Reply September 3, 2010


    Adam, great list and reminders. Don’t forget Friday Follows and sharing favorite beers. I especially like the “going deep” tip to add value when you tweet suggestions. So in the sharing spirit, here’s my list of 185+ top PR blogs to follow [you’re on it] http://bit.ly/9KYbPx

  • Reply September 3, 2010

    Rose DesRochers

    Great list Adam! Sometimes I share words of wisdom like @Bloggertalk “Commenting on what someone has written on a blog let’s them know that you had an interest in what they had to say.”

  • Reply September 5, 2010


    hi adam,

    nice post but would have been better (I think) if post was divided in 2 or 3 parts


  • Reply September 17, 2010


    It's a much more visual world now and @PRWeb, we like to share links to free webinars so any of our followers can listen to influencers in the PR, small biz, social media or SEO field. It's a great way to learn thats a bit more interactive than reading article/blog links. –Stacey Acevero http://www.prweb.com

  • Reply September 24, 2010


    share a non-profit mission you think needs attention.

  • Reply November 8, 2010

    Stephen Hart

    Did I see linking to a poem or longer than one line quote? I know people put quotes on twitter a lot but there are some great longer ones out there that can be worth linking to.

    Also I’d like to mention that tweets should be consistent. People should link to material that echoes why their followers are following them. The occassional divergence is fine but only occassionaly in my opinion.


    Stephen Hart, Edenchanges

  • Reply December 24, 2010


    One of my favourite things to share on Twitter are some of the very random thought that pop into my head. For some strange reason (and I really don’t know why), people seem to enjoy the weird things my brain thinks up. Go figure.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos (http://sysomos.com)

  • Reply January 9, 2012


    Thanks for the great info…especially for a newbie Tweeter, like me : )

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