12 big posts from the first 12 months of COMMScorner.com

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My lil’ blog, COMMScorner.com, celebrates its first birthday this week. Hurrah!

So this week I’m going to take a look back at the last year, starting with some of the more popular posts that have been served up.
The plan is to also celebrate some of the people that have shaped this blog, highlight the major developments in communications over that period, and take a peek into the next 12 months.
Thanks to the subscribers, readers and sharers of this blog, COMMScorner.com has chalked up nearly 100,000 page views since October 2009 and below are the most popular posts from that period – so, thank you so much for all of the support!
I’ve also captured some learnings about this blog and blogging which you’ll find toward the end of this post.
(Note: I changed URLs recently and lost a big portion of retweet data which will explain any inconsistencies you may come across on that level)
12 posts from 12 months

Some basic and (mostly) free tools that are easy to add to your arsenal of tools if you are a PR pro.
Foursquare has been a big story this year and this post looked at some of the aspects of it that weren’t so easy to find in May of this year
These are just some ideas of things you can share and do to spice up your Twitter stream a bit.

4. 5 online tools making social media easier in 2010, March 2010

Sadly, one of the tools I loved and mentioned in this post has now disappeared to the big virtual tool shed in the sky, but the others have all been big this year.

5. The complete Twitter follow / unfollow toolkit, February 2010

This highlights some tools / process that can be used to manage your Twitter followers and who you want to follow – one tool in particular, mytweeple.com, keeps on getting better and better.

6. 50 ways to get your news without opening a newspaper, February 2010

Part of an experiment which has involved avoiding newspapers since 1 January, this post featured ways you can get your news fix without picking up a physical newspaper.

7. The Don Draper guide to social media marketing, October 2010

I’ve really become a big fan of Mad Men, the TV series based on ad agency life on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s – after comparing social media to the show’s lead character, not a whole lot has changed it appears…

8. 100 useful social media learnings from 2010 (so far), June 2010

The aim of this blog has always been to capture the stuff that can be learnt by being involved in social media communities – this post attempted to bring some of the more useful bit together in one place.

9. What your Twitter name says about you, July 2010

This was a light-hearted look at the how and why of Twitter handles.

10. What blog readers really want: Survey results, August 2010

This was probably the most useful thing that has happened via this blog in 2010 – nearly 100 people answered a bunch of questions about what they like and don’t like about blogs and it revealed some great stuff.

11. 5 creative ways brands can use foursquare tips

This platform is constantly developing and so will the use of its many functions.

12. The ultimate YouTube treasure chest

My knowledge of YouTube and its various functions isn’t great, but writing this post helped me understand it a little better.

What I’ve learnt about this blog and blogging

I’ve learnt a lot via this blog in the last 12 months, most specifically, to shape its content based on what people are interested in.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but a blog tends to be a collection of your own thoughts, but those thoughts aren’t very relevant unless you find ways of finding common touch points with other people.

I have a terrible attention span, so my posts tend to reflect my inability to read long portions of text – hence the use of big headers, numbers, lists etc – most people are quite time poor so I’ve found that serving up little nuggets are received well.

All the other lessons are pretty common with the ones I read everyday all over the social web- it is mainly the little things about blogging that you discover while doing it which seems to help the most.

Thanks again and I hope that wasn’t too self-indulgent.


COMMScorner.com is the blog from Adam Vincenzini which focuses on social media and PR. Connect with Adam on Twitter or subscribe to his blog.

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