A simple private group bookmarking solution

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I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to figure out a way that our team could collectively share bookmarks.

My main motivation was to create a central bank of items of interest arranged by client or topic e.g. online media coverage or social mentions for a specific project

The advantage being that at any one time, our team can privately access a library of links from anywhere.

There is probably another way of doing this so if you have a solution, shout!

Private group bookmarking with diigo.com

1. Head over to diigo.com and register
2. Once familiar with the site, check out the create a group option
3. Create your group (including specific URL) and mark the viewing setting to private
4. Also adjust the settings so your group is unsearchable and by invitation only (easy click options)

5. Once you’ve created your group, you can invite others to join it (via a simple invite form)

(By this stage, you should have everyone assigned to the group. Hurrah!)

6. You want to visit the ‘tools’ option in the top navigation bar next
7. It will automatically detect which browser you are using and provide you with the extension to help you clip / bookmark pages via a shortcut (example below)

8. When you click the bookmark button, you’ll see the following dialogue box pop up – see the arrows where you can adjust the settings to file and keep the link within the private group
9. The tags you select are important and should mirror your internal systems

10. From this point, navigating the library is pretty straightforward, and you can view by tag or group

There are some other things you can do to customise the experience too – especially in regards to pesky email notifications – set them up as you see fit.

I think this tool / system will not only come in handy, but also help in the ongoing education of the team in using online tools, social or otherwise.


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