Basic social media monitoring in five minutes a day

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The key to any form of communications, social or not, is to listen first.

It’s not rocket science.

If we listen, we know what people want, as opposed to forcing the issue, which can often lead to the opposite result.

Without getting too preachy, it is an approach we like to take at Paratus when it comes to social media.

Our three-step process is:

1. Listen
2. Engage
3. Analyse

And, it’s constant – each element feeds into the other and should go on, and on and on – this paves the way for constant relevancy.

In addition to the more sophisticated listening tools out there, of which there are loads, I’ve developed a five minute routine that I go through each morning for each of the clients / topics I’m following at any given time.

It tends to be clearer when demonstrated live so here is a screencast the process in action using the weekly live Twitter chat, #CommsChat, as an example.

A quick demonstration of ‘at-a-glance’ social media monitoring in action

This is just going to provide you with the basics but more often than not, that is all you’ll need.

In keeping with the listening theme and tools, I’ve also embedded a presentation below which outlines the tools featured in the screencast in a bit more detail.

Basic social media monitoring tools

View more presentations from Adam @ Paratus Communications.

As I said up top, this is a nice and simple way to get a feel for your topic at a glance, and can open up opportunities as well as alert you to things that have the potential to become problematic.

If you’ve got some daily rituals you think are worth sharing, drop something in the comments box below.


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  • Reply October 27, 2010

    Roland C. Müller

    That’s a really good, but simple advice. Thank you so much! Best wishes from here!

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