– Twitter’s best kept secret checks in…literally

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Filtering out the noise is widely recognised as one of the biggest challenges when it comes to Twitter.
Fortunately, (currently in phase one of development), makes this task LOADS easier and has some other really valuable features too including the ability to ‘check in’ to a website (seriously, it’s pretty cool).
Here’s the full scoop on and why it is is one worth keeping an eye on…
What is it? aggregates tweets by displaying them in order of popularity (and by topic).
This is handy if you want to see which tweets / links are popular right now or if you are following a specific subject (e.g. business, tech, sports etc) and want to see what is being shared the most around that topic.
It also allows you to sign in with your Twitter account, paving the way for in-app tweeting, and linking up with other people.
The individual preferences settings allows for some nice customization too.
Key features?

This is where gets good!
  • Tells you how many retweets you’ve received
  • Can arrange your tweets by popularity (based on retweets)
  • Lists your favourites in an easy to navigate panel
  • Displays all the photos you’ve ever tweeted in one tab
  • The same goes for video via handy gallery function 
Checking in

This actually could be quite useful.’s ‘check in’ function allows you to mark your visit with an official record but also leave reviews and score points along the way.

You simply need to download the Google Chrome extension and watch the video below.

This one is worth a try.


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