Twitter’s top 29 under 29 – early insights and the ‘recognition economy’

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Last week, on the back of PR Week’s announcement of 2010’s top 29 PR pros under the age of 29, I popped a short note out to my networks to see if there was any interest in staging a Twitter equivalent.

It became obvious quite quickly that there was a thirst to recognise the young guns who are making Twitter such a fun channel to be involved in.

The interested generated so far (more than 65 nominations) isn’t too difficult to understand.

Mainly, Twitter is the ultimate example of the ‘recognition economy’ we now operate in.

A few weeks ago, James Poulter published a great post on the DNA of the recommendation economy – it is well worth a read.

The recognition economy (still a working title / thought) takes a bit of influence from that, and is exactly as it sounds – recognition is an increasingly accessible form of currency and we like to spend it and have it spent on us.

Let’s be honest, no one is making millions from participating on Twitter.

But, recognising the people that make it a great place is a worthwhile exercise, a bit of fun, and will help highlight some positive role models for others wanting to get involved.

That last point is key.

Of the 65+ nominations so far, some themes are becoming evident:

  • People who try new things and challenge the status quo are popular / well liked
  • People who stand for something / stand by specific values and ethics are being nominated
  • People who have an opinion appear to achieve better traction
  • People who show respect for others but have fun while they’re at it also go down well

There is no prize on offer here.

No-one is going to make a fortune if they appear on this list.
But, it is proof again, that giving people who participate the opportunity to recognise others is the best way to get a real picture of who we should be taking notice of.
If you haven’t nominated anyone yet, it’s not too late.
Simply visit this link and drop your nomination into the comments box by 28 October 2010.
Results will be released on 1 November 2010.

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