Internet startup addict? 10 top sites to get your daily fix

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The more time you spend faffing about online, the more interested you tend to become in start-up internet ventures and services.

I’m guilty of this affliction and can’t get enough of hearing about the latest app, tool or solution that attempts become the next indispensable part of my day.

But where do you go to get the low down on this stuff as soon as it goes live?

Or better yet, before stuff even goes public?

Here are some places worth checking out…

10 top sites to get your daily startup fix

  1. – A simple directory that allows you to vote for the ones you think have the most potential. I’ve signed up for daily alerts to this via which is a handy way to keep tabs on the latest releases.
  2. – The cool websites and tools section of is a great place to find new web-based solutions and apps. Sign up by RSS and get the daily updates delivered to your RSS reader for easy access.
  3. – is the closest thing to a social media app store on the web. The latest tools section is where you can find stuff before it permeates the mainstream.
  4. – This does what it says on the tin – it finds you alternatives to software you are using based on the recommendations of others. Very handy. Good place to find newly releases solutions too.
  5. – Only just stumbled across this one yesterday, but I like the way ‘traffic gainers’ are featured on the landing page giving you an instant idea of what is gaining traction.
  6. – This doesn’t really give you much background as to why it is in existence but it features links to tools / solutions that are still in beta phase and worth exploring in more detail.
  7. – Annoyingly, finding date stamps for these articles is a mission which is important when timings are so key to startups…however, this is one worth looking at all the same.
  8. TechCrunch Europe – Mike Butcher and the team at TechCrunch are always on the search to break news about emerging start up ventures, making this one a must bookmark.
  9. – This isn’t the prettiest site you’ll ever see but features links to the latest internet startups and valuations of the bigger players in the market.
  10. – This looks like an extension of or a very good imitation but contains the latest developments from the world of internet startups.

Part of the reason behind this post is that I’m really keen to discover some other places on the web to find the latest news on internet startups.

Can you recommend any you like?

Where is the very best place to find out about new tools and ventures first?

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