The best online tricks, shortcuts and tools of all-time? (11 from me to start…)

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Inviting YOU to help create a list of the best online hacks / tricks / secrets of all-time!!

We’ve had someone new (Antonia Harler) start with us in the last couple of weeks and together we’ve been sharing all of those little hacks / tricks / secrets that make the internet so much fun.

“Did you know if you added this app you could make this happen?”

“Nah, you should use this little work-around, so handy!”

You get the picture!

So, I thought it’d be fun (and useful) to crowdsource the little tricks / secrets we all use on a daily basis and collate them for everyone to refer to.

To start things off, I’ve listed 11 of my favourites (see below).

I’d love it if you could add yours to the comments section and forward this post to your friends to get their input too.

Let’s make this a geek’s dream and feature as many of these tricks / hacks / secrets as possible!!

11 online secrets / tricks worth sharing 

1. Automatically syndicate your Twitter favourites to your Facebook wall

I’m a big fan of Twitter favourites and like sharing them as much as possible. A great way to do this is by adding the RSS Graffiti app to your Facebook page but you need to tweak the feed configuration to read like this:

2. Spy on / compare subscriber numbers on other people’s blogs

This is dead easy. Go to FeedCompare and add in the feed details you want to look at. Magic.

3. View a transcript of a Twitter chat before it is ‘officially’ published

Head over to and type the your tag into the search bar. When the results pop up you’ll see a set of tabs in the right hand corner. Click on the ‘view transcript’ option and voila, you’re good to go.

4. Check out the stats associated with ANY link

All you need to do here add a ‘+’ after the URL and the stats will be on display i.e.

5. Organise and tag your Twitter favorites with Favorious

After you’ve set up an account and your favorites have been ported over, use the edit / add tags function to give them some semblance of order i.e.

6. Convert your blog posts into a printable format with Joilprint

This is handy. Head over to and add in any URL you’d like to print out in a print-friendly format. Better still, add the widget to your blog so people can print in a nice format directly from the page they’re on.

7. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool with a twist

Just say you want to write a blog post about blogging but can’t figure out which specific angle to go for. Well, type blogging and who, what, where, when and how into the tool and click search and some great idea triggers will be set out in front of you.

8. Email ideas direct to an Evernote folder when on the move

Evernote has a million uses, but one of my favourites is to send ideas to my Evernote account when I’m out and about. For example, I might be on the tube and have an idea for a blog post, I’ll email the idea to the email account associated with my Evernote folder. Just go into settings and track down the email address associated with your account. Simples.

9. Pre-save searches in a Google Chrome folder

I regular refer to pre-saved searches by keyword in my Google Chrome folders. For example, head over to, enter your search i.e. “Chicago Bulls” and save it using your favorites button – next time you go the that folder the latest search results will be waiting for you.

10. Bring Twitter to every web page you visit

Tweetbeat Firsthand is a cool Google Chrome extension which integrates Twitter into any web page. For example, you might be on Google News and BP is mentioned in a story. This extension will add a Twitter icon next to BP in the text which allows you to click on it and bring up the latest tweets associated with that account.

11. Turn Netvibes into an all-in-one intelligence dashboard

Most people know about Netvibes but not until recently did I realise you can set up intelligence dashboards by topic / interest on each tab.

This means you can have Twitter searches, RSS feeds, important sources etc all on the one, easy to view landing tab. So awesome!

OK! Your Turn!!

Simply add as many suggestions as you like below (perhaps in a similar style / format to the ones above) and after a week or so I’ll collate everything and post it for anyone to access.


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    Adam Vincenzini

    J, I had no idea about this one either – but, YES, super handy. Nice one 🙂

  • Reply January 30, 2011

    Adam Vincenzini

    Wasn’t aware of that one either – very helpful!

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