What does your daily media diet look like?

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I was having a chat with a mate yesterday about how we both consume media differently – he’s very much a traditional consumer of media where as I lean toward a more contemporary ritual.

To bring my daily ritual to life, I quickly jotted some bullet points (see below).
I’d be really keen to know what your daily media diet looks like too – so, if you get a chance, drop your information into the comments section of this post and I’ll round it all up in a week or so to see if we can glean any collective insight.
My daily media diet
  • Wake up and check Twitter, Facebook, email and RSS feeds via iGoogle
  • Check on news that has happened overnight in areas I am interested in e.g. NBA games / scores or perhaps via Pulse 
  • Go to work, with my smartphone listening to Spotify and checking emails / Twitter here and there
  • Hop on the Tube and play a game like Angry Birds while listening to music or a podcast
  • In between tube and office, email and Twitter and FB
  • Get into office, bring up my dashboards, check on feeds / searches I have set up for clients (but personal stuff too)
  • Crack on with the working day – Twitter, Facebook and email running all running in the background
  • Lunchtime – eat, bring mobile with me, catch up on news / social networks
  • After lunch, read a couple of blog posts / visit YouTube
  • Crack on with rest of day with Twitter, email and FB in b/ground
  • Leave the office, reverting back to ‘transit routine’
  • Get home, do my thing and instead of turning TV on I’ll watch a movie / TV show / sport via my laptop
  • Intermittent checking of Twitter and FB
  • Sleep (finally)
Over to you!
What is your daily media diet?

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