50 new social media tools you might have missed

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Over on the Paratus Communications blog each week, I compile a list of five new and useful social media tools.
Every few months or so I try and capture all of them here in the event you’ve missed ’em.

They range from web performance comparison tools to personalised intranet platforms.

Click on the ‘Platform Five’ link to see full descriptions for each tool.

Here’s the Q2 installment – enjoy!
  1. Platform Five, July 15 – incl. Twylah.com (A fan page for your tweets), Likester.com (global popularity engine), Payprs.com (personalised intranet), NameNinja.com (domain name generator) and SiteTrail.com (competitor website comparisons).
  2. Platform Five, 8 July – incl. Geeje.com (feed dashboard), Facebooksearch.us (Facebook search engine), wdyl.com (Google’s What Do You Love aggregator), Google Swiffy (HTML5 converter) and Masher (the Facebook photo / video tool). 
  3. Platform Five, 1 July – incl. MyWebCareer.com, Memonic.com and yaM
  4. Platform Five, 24 June – incl. YouTube Direct, Minigroup.com and tildee.com
  5. Platform Five, 17 June – incl. TweetCloud, SocialSearching.info and OpenNearMe.com
  6. Platform Five, 10 June – incl. GeeMail, myapppress.com and Lubith.com
  7. Platform Five, 3 June – incl. SproutSocial.com, MyFav.es and Google + Likes
  8. Platform Five, 20 May – incl. SocialGuide.com and AppMakr.com
  9. Platfiorm Five, 12 May – incl. MyWeeboo.com and Chatter.com
  10. Platform Five, 6 May – incl. IconSeeker.com and Summify.com
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