10 signs you work in PR – the London edition

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I had a good giggle at Drew Benvie’s 10 signs you work in PR – the UK edition this morning and thought a London-centric edition was called for.

So, here are my 10 nominations (in no particular order…kinda…)

10 signs you work in PR – The London edition

  1. On at least one occasion in the last 12 months you’ve pitched an idea that involves a giant ‘something’ floating down the Thames
  2. You’ve managed a media event involving Alesha Dixon, Mylene Klass or Jodie Marsh 
  3. Your first lunch with a journalist to ‘celebrate’ Christmas normally takes place in October
  4. For 12 weeks a year you don’t accept invitations to networking (or client) events on Wednesday nights (The Apprentice has been blocked out in your diary for months)
  5. You’ve had at least one Foursquare ‘check-in’ at Kaffeine (coffee shop) on Great Titchfield Street 
  6. You’ve soiled the back of a London Black Cab (normally in December)
  7. Like it not, you’re forced to listen to Kiss FM’s Rickie, Melvin and Charlie in the morning
  8. You’ll happily add 45 minutes to your journey if part of it can be spent above ground (just so you an access your emails)
  9. You are (or desperately want to be) a member of Soho House or Shoreditch House (even though secretly you think the people who go there a pretentious [insert word]‘s)
  10. You support whichever London-based Football team that suits your needs at any particular time
Would you add any others to this list?


11. You have taken PR Week’s Cathy Bussey for lunch at Byron Burger in Convent Garden (and sent her a mini table tennis set)

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