How the media is remembering 9/11 (10 years on)

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September 11 2001 was a day history will never forget.

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we’ll individually and collective decide how we’ll re-live that experience.

The media will play a key role in this process.

With this in mind, I’ve taken a look at how the global media fraternity is remembering 9/11 which is being unsurprisingly shaped by online media channels.

How the media is remembering 9/11 (10 years on)

  1. YouTube teams up with the New York Times – A bespoke channel has been set up on YouTube which is asking people to submit their memories of September 11. Special archived content will also be published in the lead up to the day.
  2. History Channel to re-live 102 minutes of real-time terror – The History Channel is putting a lot behind its 9/11 anniversary coverage including this incredible interactive site which re-lives 102 minutes of terror from a number of angles (including footage from specific vantage points)
  3. Comic strip artists planning 9/11 tribute – Major newspaper comic strips will have a 9/11 tribute flavour next week after several teamed up to produce special editions (more info here)
  4. The Guardian asks the world to share 9/11 memories too – This crowd sourced attempt is aiming to create a unique record of the moment. Click here to contribute. 
  5. American Express launches 9/11 volunteers Facebook app – Facebook isn’t being neglected either as TNW reports: “The new app offers Facebook users a searchable 9/11 Day database, powered by HandsOn Network, and facilities sign ups for local volunteer opportunities. Once users have signed up, they can share their activities with their friends on Facebook, encouraging further participation.”
  6. BBC iPlayer: The Conspiracy Files (9/11 10 years on) – One-hour programme looking at the 9/11 conspiracy theories with the benefit (?!) of 10 years hindsight.
  7. Two weeks of US TV – This link will provide you with the most comprehensive list of TV programmes playing tribute to 9/11. Oh, and you might also want to take a look at Understanding 9/11 – A television archive with more than 3000 hours of footage.
  8. US Tennis Open top pay tribute – One of the bigger sporting events taking place over the 9/11 memorial period is the US Open and it will feature a televised tribute.
  9. ABC News to honour the 10-year anniversary across all platforms and channels – You’ll get almost back-to-back 9/11 tribute coverage on the ABC from 5-12 September including integration with regular programming.
  10. 9 11 Day campaign on Facebook – 188,000 people have already joined this movement on Facebook and you can too.

These are just some of the examples I discovered from a little browse through Google and other sources.

What have you spotted?

Have you spotted any interesting examples of how the media will remember September 11?

If you have, drop the links in the comments section below and we can collate a bigger collection.

Thanks and let’s pray we never have to endure a real-life version of 9/11 ever again.


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