10 UK brands making the most of the Google Chrome web app store

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Google Chrome, the web browser from Google, continues to increase in popularity around the globe.

In fact, a recent report has Chrome in 2nd place overall, only behind Internet Explorer (and ahead of Firefox and Safari).

This is an important development for brands and businesses who are constantly looking for the most efficient ways to infiltrate the consciousness of existing and prospective customers.

It is also why I have often wondered why more brands haven’t developed apps and extensions for Google Chrome – it is a very easy way to increase daily interaction and engagement as long as you create the right platform.

A small amount of UK businesses are making the most of this opportunity, including the following examples:

10 UK brands with a presence on the Google Chrome web app store

1. Tesco Food – a weekly meal planner
2. Chelsea FC – A bespoke version of ChelseaFC.com
3. Mail Online – An extension that notifies you when a story of interest has been published
4. Top Deals London – A ‘deals’ aggregator
5. BBC Good Food – A bespoke section of BBC Good Food
6. Sky Guide – A simple bookmark
7. Watch ITV – Quick access to the main ITV channels
8. Aston Villa FC App – A carbon copy of the Chelsea FC destination
9. The Guardian – Similar to the Mail Online version
10. Invisible Hand – A clever way to compare prices within standard web pages

Resulting observations / questions

1. Media brands dominate the list (as you’d expect)
2. Many of the ‘destinations’ aren’t that different from regular web experiences
3. Why aren’t other brands / businesses making more of this opportunity?
4. Which international or US-based brands are leading the way?
5. Are Google Chrome apps a necessity or a ‘nice-to-have’?

This post is not the most in-depth investigation into this subject, but rather a conversation starter – will we see more brands develop a presence on Google Chrome in 2012?

And, what experience can brands deliver to add value to existing properties around the web?

Over to you…

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