Social Media Track Changes (28 December 2011)

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Do you find it hard to stay across all the changes that are constantly being made to the key social media platforms?

I know I do.
So, I’m introducing a new feature to my blog in 2012 which should help.
The weekly post is called ‘Social Media Track Changes’ and it will do what it says on the tin – track all the changes made to the most popular social media channels over the previous seven days.
Here is the first edition…

Social Media Track Changes (28 December 2011)
  1. YouTube Slam – a new ‘viral’ video sensation discovery game where you vote for new content against similar videos. Full story here.
  2. Facebook’s ‘Check Out This Idea’ function – Facebook is in the process of testing some new call-to-action functions to add to sponsored stories and ‘likes’.
  3. Google+ upgrades aplenty – A bunch of updates were announced this week, including the ability to have up 50 administrators per Google+ page.
  4. Connect blogger to Google+ – This makes it easier to share your posts direct to your circles. Nice one.
  5. DropBox upgrades its Android app – DropBox, everyone’s favourite file sharing service, has added some new features to its Android app including a ‘favourites’ function.
This was a bit of a test post to see if it is a worthwhile thing to do.
I’m hoping it will become more robust now that I’m on the lookout for these updates / upgrades.
If you have a suggestion for ‘Social Media Track Changes’ please drop me an email.

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