Cool Campaigns: Nike’s #KobeSystem Campaign ‘Attacks’ YouTube

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Have you seen the latest Nike Basketball YouTube campaign?

The star of the show is Kobe Bryant of the L.A Lakers, playing the role of life coach to ‘clients’ including¬†clients Kanye West, Sir Richard Branson and Serena Williams.

How do you teach success to the successful? Kobe (and Nike) give it a good crack here…

YouTube Clip #1: Welcome to the #KobeSystem

YouTube Clip #2: #KobeSystem Level 1 Success

 YouTube Clip #3: #KobeSystem Level 2 Adaptation

YouTube Clip #4: #KobeSystem Level 3 Perception

YouTube Clip #5: #KobeSystem Level 4 Explosion Attack fast. Attack strong.

Whaddya think?

Have Nike and Kobe nailed it?

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