The UK’s 60 Most Influential Blogs [Infographic]

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When it comes to marketing, social media, technology, startups, PR, SEO and design, the blogs you’re about to see rank among the UK’s best.

Yep, thanks to the folk at Eloqua, the automated marketing experts, a visualisation of the UK’s blogosphere has been created in the form of “The Blog Tree” (UK Edition 2012).

The premise of the The Blog Tree is pretty simple: A handful of ‘power blogs’ (the roots) fuel the activity of the niche blogs that drive conversations around the web in relation to the topics mentioned above.

The blogs at the top are considered the ‘most influential and relevant’ as calculated by Blog Level – a nifty tool from the team at Edelman which includes metrics such as popularity, influence, engagement and trust.

If you take a close look at The Blog Tree you’ll see this blog ( / hovering at about 20th spot which is a real honour – thanks for the inclusion!

It is also great to see the other blog I’m affiliated with, The Next Web, within the ‘roots’ section.

 A lot of the blogs featured are ‘hobby’ blogs and it is great to see those recognised in this manner.

The useful bit

While it is nice to be featured in a graphic like this, it isn’t especially useful to most web users (unless your RSS reader needs an update!)
However, there are some useful bits to take from it.
  • The BlogLevel Tool – like all algorithmic tools, you shouldn’t use them in isolation, but as a starting point to assess the relevancy of a blog, it is a decent tool. So, add this to your toolkit if you haven’t done so already.
  • Pretty Infographics Still ‘Sell’ – it has been a common theme of this blog for the last month or so, but visualising data is always a worthwhile thing to do.
  • Bloggers Love Recognition – because many blogs are hobbies / passions, being recognised never hurts and tends to prompt a mention or post (like this one). It is not a strategy I recommend you employ every time, but when appropriate it will generate a response.
  • Storytelling Tools – The email pitch included two versions of the Infographic (jpg and pdf) which made it easier for me to re-publish it.

So, in conclusion, thanks to Eloqua, BlogLevel, Hotwire and Jess33 for this nice surprise that popped up in my inbox yesterday.

And, to you, the readers of this blog, thanks for your ongoing support – you continue to be a great source of inspiration and fun.

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