[dot]OhNo!! 10 new domain name extensions that make you shake your head

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As you’ve probably seen, nearly 1000 new generic Top Level Domain extensions (gTLDs) are being released in November 2013 (and pre-orders are open now).

gTLDs are the parts of a web address that come after the ‘dot’ e.g. [dot]com, [dot]net and [dot]org.

From November, you will be able to get your hands on extensions more specific extensions like [dot]media, [dot]video, and [dot]agency.

You’ll also be able to apply for some less useful extensions which I’m sure will raise a few eyebrows.

So, for a little fun, here are 10 that I found particularly amusing.

1 .guru

This is the one that scares me the most!

socialmedia.guru? property.guru? marketing.guru?

There is nothing more painful that hearing someone refer to themselves as a guru and now we’re giving these people an opportunity to buy a domain extension like this? Shame on you ICANN, shame!

2 .expert

See above.


3 .exposed

Really? Can we expect to see tomcruise.exposed? katemoss.exposed?

Without giving anyone any ideas, if you wanted to extract a little revenge on someone, this might come in handy.

4 .sexy

Who’s ready for a bit of AdamVincenzini.sexy? No. OK.

5 .cheap

This is a another one you could really have some fun with.


The era of prank URLs is here!

6 .fail

I fear for celebrities and athletes when it comes to [dot] fail.

LeBronJames.fail? Ronaldo.fail?

7 .dealer

Drug.dealer? (Good one for Jesse Pinkman)

Perhaps art.dealer is what they had in mind when this one was approved.

8 .win / .winners

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already snapped up forthe.win or game.winners.

Still feels a little odd.

9 .horse

I couldn’t see [dot]dog or [dot]cat but you’re all set if you own a horse.

10 .retirement

I included this one because I just couldn’t understand why or how this one would be used.


I love the interwebz.





  • Reply October 31, 2013


    I suspect the .fail and .sucks will make a lot of cash from nervous businesses trying to protect themselves (or, at least it will after the first voda.fail and qantas.sucks URLs start appearing).

    I also spotted .ninja, in case guru was taken.

    • Reply October 31, 2013

      Adam Vincenzini

      YES! I’d buy voda.fail ASAP if I was Vodafone.

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