About Kamber

Kamber content marketing and social media blog iconI’ve recently set up a specialist content marketing and social media consultancy called Kamber, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Kamber, part of the SenateSHJ group, was established to provide clients with a partner that could drive genuine change within organisations, helping to make content marketing and social media central to operational and commercial success.

We’re very much of the belief that the real benefits from these methods of communication materialise when you put the needs of your relevant online communities first.

Once you start adding genuine value to the online communities you operate in, goodwill, trust and recommendations follow.

Kamber is equipped to devise the right strategy, produce the right content, get it seen by the right people and engage in the right conversations to bring this philosophy to life.

If you’d like to know more, give me a call on +61 3 8643 7906 or email me via adam@kamber.com.au.