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10 things I’ve learnt about Social Media

I had a coffee with someone yesterday and had a really good chat about a topic I’m becoming increasingly passionate about, social media.

It prompted me to list the things I’ve learnt in the last six months, many based on mistakes I’ve made (!), which I thought may come in handy to other people…

  1. Take your time – the hardest one for me as I’m so incredibly impatient, but like anything new, absorb as much as you can and then gently enter the fray when you’re more confident in what you’re saying / doing
  2. Be you – so simple, but there’s no point in adopting a ‘persona’ that isn’t you – I’m interested in what people are saying / sharing, not how they do it or how they’d like to be ‘positioned’ – and showcase your personality, robots are boring, ‘real’ people are great
  3. Learn from mistakes – yep, I’ve done some stuff online in the last 6 months which makes me shudder, but I’m (trying) not to repeat those mistakes
  4. Keep (and absorb) good stuff – so many helpful / useful bits of information are shared everyday, but are forgotten just as quickly – Twitter’s ‘favourites’ button is great for this – go back and read them over again when you have more time
  5. Be disciplined with your time management – it’s so easy to spend hours digging and digging because their is no ‘bottom’ – allocate your time (if you can) and use a client like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets during the day
  6. Talk back – its a conversation medium so respond to people who make an effort to talk to you, or at least acknowledge them when you can
  7. Get out there – the best things I’ve learnt have been over a coffee or a drink with people who know more than me – convert the social introduction made online into a social relationship
  8. Help where you can – I think social media is bringing about a renaissance in ‘sharing’ – and its great – if you can help someone with a query / question, do just that…it’ll help build relationships and your reputation
  9. Pick some areas to ‘own’ – I remember being told as a kid ‘don’t just say something for the sake of it’ – I think the same applies here, talk about things that you have knowledge about but try and make it about ‘value’ not ‘volume’
  10. Write yourself some guidelines / a strategy – ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ – same goes here, give yourself a bit of structure and it’ll focus your energy in the right places

Reading back on that it probably seems like a pretty obvious list – and I imagine people who really know their stuff might disagree with parts of it…but that’s part of the process.




  • Geek Girl

    A very thorough list for both beginners and experienced social media practitionners, well done wnanna be geek boy 😉

    For me the key things are:
    – Keep and absorb good stuff: bookmarking, and favouring Tweets is all very nice, but I am sure quite a few peeps out there(including myself) do not take the time to re-read stuff.

    – Taking the time to talk back: SM is about forging relationships and take a lot of time and investment.

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