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2010 Prediction Posts – The Ones I’ve Enjoyed So Far…

It seems every man and his dog is in the process of making 2010 media / social media / marketing predictions at the moment and I for one can’t keep up.

So, I’ve compiled a selection here that I’ve read and taken stuff from…feel free to do the same.

Perhaps by the time 2011 comes around I’ll have the insight these guys have to write up my own!

I particularly like the first one as it encompasses a bit of everything.


10 Big Marketing Predictions for 2010 (courtesy of

Five Social Media Predictions for 2010 (courtesy of

Predictions for the PR Industry in 2010 (courtesy of

Six Social Media Trends in 2010 (courtesy of

PR Measurement in 2010: Five Things To Learn and Five Things to Forget (courtesy of

16 Social Media Trends for 2010 from Agent Wildfire (courtesy of

Nine Predictions for 2010 (courtesy of http;//

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