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Five things to consider before you start blogging…

Yep, I’m a newbie in the blogging world. Only five months ago I was a virgin. Unblemished. Unpublished.

And now, there’s no going back. I’ve got the bug. Bad.

It’s great fun. I’m learning all the time. And, importantly it’s starting to feel more natural.

Getting to that point prompted me to have a think about what advice I would have loved to have received four or five months ago.

So, here are my ‘five things to consider before you commit to blogging life.’

1. It is a commitment. And like any commitment, it needs to receive an appropriate amount of attention. So do just that. Don’t go over the top, but don’t neglect it – find some middle ground.

2. Be prepared to give yourself time to develop a style that suits you. There is loads of advice out there about how to engage your audience, but in my opinion the most engaging blogs are ones that have their own signature. But there’s no rush, jump only when you’re ready.

3. Work out why you want to be blogging. Is it to ‘be part of the conversation’? Is it for professional gain? Is it simply a bit of fun? Whatever your reason, stick to it and make sure its reflected in what you produce.

4. Ask yourself whether or not you are willing to let your enthusiasm for your subject matter shine through. As Emerson so wonderfully put it: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Enthusiastic and energetic blogs encourage loyalty. With loyalty comes trust. Once trust is earned, anything is possible.

5.It’s not about you. Well, it is from a personal perspective as far as fulfilment goes, but for your audience its about what you are giving them. If you’re not prepared to give, don’t get in the game.

Very basic stuff, common sense really.

But worth considering before you start, because once you’re in you may not come out!


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