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Is ‘thanks’ the world’s most Tweeted word?

Thanks for stopping by. No, seriously, thank you.

I, like a lot of people, have had a dabble with TweetCloud in the last 24 hours – my top three were: Nice, Media and Thanks.

I’ve noticed the third one pop up on a lot of the ones I’ve seen so I thought it was worth conducting a very (very) crude analysis of the TweetClouds generated by my friends on Twitter.

More than 60% of my friends that I looked at had ‘thanks’ as part of their top three (really must stress I only looked at 50 in total) – so, my question is this: Is ‘thanks’ the world’s most Tweeted word?

I’m not a developer (I can barely post stuff to my blog!) but if someone is up for the challenge, I’ve got a fiver that says ‘thanks’ comes in at number one…or at least the top three.

Over to the smart people now…thanks.

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