Ten Top Twitter Apps For Communications Professionals

Exactly one month ago I posted a list of 10 top Twitter apps for PR and Communications people.

A month is a LONG time in Twitterville, so here’s the updated list with some very significant new editions.

Also listed are some resources that, although aren’t strictly classified as ‘applications’, are still great tools.

1. Hootsuite

This didn’t feature at all in last month’s list, but has skyrocketed to the top of the chart for September. Why? If you’re a ‘sharer’ and time poor, this allows you to set all your tweets up first thing in the morning an periodically distribute them during the day.

It also provides real-time stats on all your linked accounts and for individual tweets.

Highly recommended.

2. Twitter Search

This remains in 2nd spot for a very good reason – it provides you with the simplest way to see what is on the minds of the broader public, and comes in especially handy if there is a topic you are tracking.

3. Newspaper People On Twitter

Compiled by the team at Media UK, this is updated in real-time and gives you an idea of which journalists are using Twitter and how influential they are.

List are also available for Radio and Magazine people on Twitter and many more.

4. UK Media Tweeple

Operated by @LitmanLive this is a list of UK PR folk on Twitter and comes in handy if you like to keep an eye on what the rest of the breed is up to.


Although TweetDeck is popular, I find it a a little over-consuming, constantly ‘bleeping’ away at my desk all day. Twhirl, on the other hand, still gives you your regular updates but in a less intrusive way.

6. Tweetmeme – aggregates links on Twitter to work out which are the most popular.

7. Twitterfeed -a favourite amongst journalists, this feeds articles / blog posts straight into your Twitter feed.

8. Tweetarium – Only just been put on to this. Tweetarium is a Twitter application which helps you manage your twitter stream and ensures you don’t miss a tweet. Great way to group your followers.

9. CoTweet – Another one that I’ve only stumbled across of late, this is a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter.

10. Who Follows Whom – If communications is about influencing and ‘influencers’, then this is well worth a look – amazing how many followers you’ll have in common with your colleagues.

Like any Top 10 list this is very subjective so if you have any comments / feedback, please post below.

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