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Has Twitter (and social media) made the PR industry more friendly?

So, hands up, how many new ‘friends’ have you made this year? Lost count? I have.

And you know what the scary thing is (God, I hope no-one reads this) a lot of them have been people that I’m not supposed to like. I know, I know, ssshhhhh!

Well, that’s a little lie. It’s just that in the PR industry it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t really fraternise with the competition…let alone say anything nice about them.

But you know what, and hold on to your seats, there’s a reason why we all work in this crazy game: Yep, we have a sh*t load in common.

And its taken a little thing called Twitter and the rest of the social media explosion to make ‘connecting’ happen (albeit on a very gentle scale).

Now, someone suggested to me that it’s our naturally narcissistic nature that lends itself to broadcasting our daily tidbits to the world…yeah, ok, I buy that (some more than others!), but I also think we just like to communicate…we’re chatty…we can’t keep our mouths shut…you get the picture.

The big question remains: do we mean it…all the niceness and sharing…is it for real?

I think yes, definitely.

Perhaps this new found fondness toward each other will translate outwardly and society will like us just a tad more and then we can all retire happy, knowing that God might let us through heaven’s gates…one day.

Be nice now 😉

NOTE: As someone who has been on the client side (although I’m back to being an agency boy now), only three things mattered to me when I was searching for agencies and it’s the same for every other potential client: Strategy, Creativty and Delivery. That’s it. The whole ‘b*tchy’ side is fun to watch, but just get on with worrying about how my brand is being perceived…not your own (that was me being the client btw, not me, yep).


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