adam vincenzini serves up real time movie reviews from Twitter

Paranormal Activity. 2012. District 9.

Not only are they some of 2009’s biggest movies but they have also been some of the world’s biggest trending topics on Twitter this year.

So, surely there must be a clever app / service that aims to capitalise on this fact?

There is, and it’s called

What is it?

TwitCritics automatically gathers tweets about new movies, then determines if those collected tweets are positive or negative, before finally delivering a rating and critique – clever eh?

How do you add a review?

Just tweet your comment about a movie, including it’s title. You do not have to DM the service or use a hashtag, but you can if you’d like to (#TwitCritics).

TwitCritics does the rest.

Why is it worth a look?

TwitCritics shows you the opinions of real people, not just professional movie critics. These ‘real’ reviews count towards a film’s rating as soon as they are shared on Twitter.

The main page shows you the overall rating for each movie. This rating is the percentage of tweets that are positive of all the collected tweet reviews.

My review of TwitCritics

TwitCritics is still in beta and definitely feels that way.

The site is a bit clunky and aesthetically isn’t that pleasing.

However, if they get it right, it could be a very nifty and helpful service (which now is also available on your mobile).


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