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10 Top BlackBerry Apps for 2010

As my new year’s resolution (aka experiment) for the year revolves around not buying newspapers for the year, my mobile apps will take on even greater significance.

Now, I’m BlackBerry dude. And proud of it. (Although my Motorola DEXT is a nice bit of ‘reserve’ kit).

Say what you like about the other options out there, but the BlackBerry is an incredibly practical bit of kit.

So, with my experiment in mind and a new year upon us, I thought I’d share the 10 Blackberry Apps that I couldn’t live without (ok, I’d survive, obviously, it’s just a phone…but ’10 BlackBerry apps I frequently use’ is a much less compelling, sorry).

Anyway, let’s get on with it, my Top 10 BlackBerry Apps which can each be acquired for free via the BlackBerry App World (direct from your device) or you can get them through each product’s respective website (but there may be a fee attached):

Seesmic Mobile (Best Twitter Client)

Now, it seems UberTwitter has become the darling of Twitter clients for BlackBerry users – perhaps my loyalty to the desktop Seesmic (aka Twhirl) influences my choice but it’s also the simplicity and capability of the Seesmic app that impresses me.

I especially love the easy to access ‘lists’ function and it’s search capability which has rendered redundant as far as my mobile goes.

Opera Mini 5 beta 2 (Best Browser Converter)

Bolt or Opera Mini…Bolt…no Opera…yes Opera.

Both are web navigation clients which make browsing more robust than the regular Berry browser.

The Opera Mini 5 has just been released in beta 2 form and is worth a try…the ‘speed dial’ bookmarks function is especially tidy.

Foursquare (for BlackBerry – the beta App)

I was one of the ‘lucky’ folk to received the test version of the BlackBerry FourSquare app (if you don’t know what FourSqaure is, click the link above).

In a word, it’s awesome. It’s not quite complete yet, but it’s much more intuitive than I expected and the ‘alerts’ function when someone ‘checks in’ locally to you is very handy.

I noticed a bit of a lift in FourSquare usage in North America over Christmas…hope it transfers over the pond in January…should be a lot of fun.

Bit.lify (Best URL shortener)

My flatmate @timwhitlock turned me on to this last year.

If you’re accustomed to the desktop version of this, it essentially does the same thing but with less hoops to jump through. (which is a popular URL shortener) is ‘mobi-fied’ via bit.lify where it identifies links from the pages you’re browsing, and with one click, converts the page address to something shorter and then the new URL can be shared via any platform you like.

Beejive IM (Best IM solution)

MSN? Facebook? Yahoo? Yep, we’ve all got a heap of accounts that provide instant messaging, but Beejive very cleverly gives you access to them all on the move.

Being able to access Facebook chat on a long train journey is a god send.

gwabbit (Unique contacts tool)

The awesome @natashstokes from Mobile Choice alerted me to this one…and, although the name is reminiscent of an Elmer Fudd expression, don’t be fooled, this is clever.

What is it? Once downloaded, gwabbit automatically scans BlackBerry emails, obtains the contact details, and instantly transfers them to your address book.
Told you it was neat.

If you’re terrible at storing contact details like me, this is excellent…a tool for the lazy!

It does a bunch of other cool stuff, check it out.

QuickPull (Memory Maximizer)

A basic app…but sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.

QuickPull is essentially a memory ‘liberator’ – at a certain time each day it will stimulate a soft reset freeing up the device’s memory and improving performance.
A ‘must’ if you’re a Berry ‘hoarder.’

Snaptu (Dashboard / RSS)

Snaptu is a dashboard that looks very similar to an iPhone client…right down to the rounded icons.

As a dasboard its ok, giving you one touch access to all your social networking accounts, news and more.

The main reason I use it is for the RSS reader. I’ve tried lots of alternatives for the Berry including PinStack, but this one, for me, is the best.

(Don’t forget to add The Comms Corner RSS if you download this app!)

BuzzMe (Good vibrations)

Did you know that your BlackBerry doesn’t have the default capability to ring and vibrate at the same time?

Neither did I until ‘Buzz Me’ explained otherwise.

This tiny app automatically adds this functionality to your phone giving you ‘coordinated’ buzz bliss. Nice.

ExpenseLog Pro 2

The best of a bad bunch perhaps?

I don’t love this, but it does have all the pieces to ensure I’ll claim my expenses properly in 2010, including the nifty ability to sort by project/ client.

If only it stored physical receipts!

Now what?
So, there’s a handful of tools I’ll use more and more in 2010…check ’em out…they might be useful for you as well.
I plan on doing a ‘tools’ special via the Blog every couple of weeks this year, but I’ll increasingly be looking at ‘live’ examples of social media and PR campaigns in action more and more, aggregating the lessons learnt as these combined approaches become more mainstream.


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