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10 Most Useful PR, Social Media and Digital Engagement Posts of the Week (27 Feb)

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Another week, and another bucket load of great content being shared by some great people.

Here are my picks for 10 of the more useful posts from the last seven days via a bunch of sources, which will go towards the yearly review where collectively we’ll choose the top 100 posts of 2010.

Anyway, this week we’re looking at: Mobilizing Your Site, Blog Comments, Monitoring and Evaluation, Client Questions and loads more.

This week’s ’10 out of 10 in 2010′ nominations

10 Great Tools To Create A Mobile Version Of Your Site (we’re accessing so much content via mobile, this really is a MUST do)

10 Ways To Get More Blog Comments (some great advice here)

47 Ways To Measure A Social Media Campaign (we’re no closer to an industry standard…yet…but these help)

The Ad Age Guide To Digital Media (really insightful post, featuring some great answers to some tricky questions)

14 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before And After A Project (a really sound checklist)

The Key Traits Of A Successful Blog / Blogger (probably my favourite post this week)

Five ‘Unorthodox’ Ways To Fix Your Social Media (not that ‘left-field’…quite useful)

Actions Speak Louder Than ‘Scores’ (the obligatory post by me with some basic tips on giving / getting more from Social Media)

Retaining Facebook Fans (getting people to click on ‘join’ is often the easy bit, keeping them engaged in tougher – some nice tips here)

The last one technically isn’t a post, but I REALLY RECOMMEND you check this out:  – a really stylish and practical social media dashboard, bringing all of your content together…I plan on doing mine up today.

So that’s this week’s little trip down memory lane – thanks to the creators of this content and swing by next week for some more good stuff.



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