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50 Alternate Ways To Consume News in 2010 (No Papers Experiment, Day 50)

Milestone or tombstone?

By Adam Vincenzini, Traditional Media and ‘Now’ Media

(Click here to read my recent interview with Deirdre Breakenridge)

It’s been 50 days since I read a newspaper as part of my experiment (which is the equivalent of 1,200 ‘newspaper-less’ hours).

And, did you know that in that period, the average British person would have spent more than 37 hours reading newspapers?

That’s an average of 45 minutes per day*

Based on what I used to read (two papers in the morning, one or two at lunch and one on the way home) I was probably closer to the 60 minute-a-day mark.

So I’ve been trying various methods to fill the void and here are 50 of them…enjoy…or don’t…up to you…

50 Alternate Ways To Consume News

1. Yahoo Pipes – A simple a tool that allows you to ‘mashup’ your content from around the web – I created my own ‘feed’ featuring three news sources I like to give you and idea of how it works – check it out: my Main News Feed

2. BuzzBoxI profiled this in early January and called it a a ‘news junkies’ dream – I haven’t used it as much as I’d would have liked as yet but you can check out my bespoke feed here.

3. NEWScan by Rayogramreproduced versions of your favourite papers…in traditional format…online…very cool!
(The page sometimes plays up though, if that’s the case, hit refresh)

4. Screensaver News – exactly what it sounds like, tailored news that pops up as your screensaver when your computer is inactive.

5. Google Reader – more and more people seem to be using this and it’s easy to see why. A simple, easy to access feed of the news that matters to you on your iGoogle home page.

6. Twitter – doesn’t need much of an introduction, but especially via the lists function you follow all the news that is important to you.

7. People -Bet that took you by surprise!! People are a great source for news, with my favourite opening when I see people being: “So, what’s making news today?”

8. AlertRank – essentially Google Alerts on steroids, this is quite possibly the coolest way to get news you want delivered to your inbox. I. LOVE. THIS.

9. AllTop The online magazine rack for Blogs. This actually should be number one on my list as it has become the place I spend the most time scouring for news, especially by topic – can’t speak highly enough of this one.

10. SpreedNews – I haven’t tested this out fully yet, but I like the idea of it: Spreed is an online feed aggregator with an integrated speed reading tool. Spread lets you read stories faster by pushing them through a ‘spreed player’ that shows you only 2-3 words at a time (via MakeUseOf) – it has apparently saved users over 1700 hours in reading time…good job.

11. Addict-o-matic – This isn’t flawless, but it is great nevertheless. A dashboard of news / content sources, which allows for keyword saving / customization – if you have a topic you are interested in, this rocks.

12. PopurlsA really solid, slick and savvy aggregator – doesn’t have the reputation of the DIGG’S and REDDIT’S of this world, but much better in my opinion.

13. NewsNow – Not the most stylish interface in the world, but does give you a decent ‘at a glance’ view of the major stories.

14. – I had never heard of this before but it seems pretty neat – an online video news channel which is both live and archived – gives you a very global look at news.

15. The Big Project This looks like it was developed in 1965, but it’s really useful – it lists and links to every major newspaper website on the planet…hence the name.

10 mobile-based ways to get your news…

16. Snaptu for mobile (news and apps combined)

17. Reuters Mobile

18. Mobile Reader

19. NYT Media Decoder (for mobile)

20. IngBoo – “Clutter Freedom” (web and mobile)

21. iPhone News Apps (top free and paid services directory)

22. Google News / Mobile

23. Viigo (the world’s biggest newsroom in your pocket)

24. Bloomberg Mobile

25. AP Mobile

20 ‘traditional / popular’ online ways to get your news fix…

ABZY News Links (global news source guide), (great site for journalists, but also general news gathering as well), Yahoo! News, Google News, TweetMeme, digg, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller, Newsvine, StumbleUpon, BuzzFlash, Slashdot, Slate, The Huffington Post, Sofomo (a simple and global news aggregator), NPR (really popular in North America), Sky News Online (especially the innovative breaking news alerts via Twitter), and who could forget BBC News Online (funny to think that this didn’t even exist until relatively recently…compared to ‘traditional’ news that is…).

5 ‘human’ news sources

I mentioned Twitter earlier, and there are five people who have become incredibly useful human news aggregators for me (especially in regards to the areas I’m interested in i.e. media, digital, PR, online, brand etc), including Mike Lizun (@MikeLizun), Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology), Chris Hall (@Chrish10), Emily Cagle (@EmilyCagle), Mark Ragan and PR Daily (@MarkRaganCEO).

One last little tip: Check out News Top 20 – The pick of the best news sites on the net updated daily.

Actually, one more, this is a simple spreadsheet-style site but helpful: AggCompare (a comparison of the major news aggregators).

How do you get your news?

Any gems not listed here worth sharing?

Drop your comments in the list below and we can look at compiling a master list that everyone can access.



  • Newsboy

    What about your “local news”? Who’s covering the town council to make sure they’re not giving away the farm? Who’s covering state or provincial government? Who’s keeping an eye on conglomerates to make sure they abide by the law? I’m not saying this as a way to defend newspapers, they got themselves into the trouble they are in. But I do wonder why we’re dancing on the grave of organizations that are supposed to be our watch dogs. Especially when – not to dump on your lists – they’re valid and I use some of what you mentioned – the alternatives are in their infancy.

  • Niki-K

    Very helpful. Fantastic overview. Already made use of a couple of your suggestions (nr. 11 and NewsNow – although don’t quite remember now where I got the latter). Found what I wanted in seconds. Wonderful. Tks for sharing.

  • Rikard

    Rikard here from IngBoo. Honored to make the list. IngBoo is not as much a destination as it is an enabler of the destinations that are there already. What I mean is that we make room for news and other web activities where the consumer has already found a home on the web, be it Facebook (soon), Twitter, Email, mobile or RSS for that matter.

  • LimorE

    Full Disclosure: I own this site. But is a great way to keep up with the day’s best news. Featuring the top trending stories, from all different angles. Check it out!

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