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Not reading newspapers is making me happier…seriously.

By Adam Vincenzini

Day 115 of The 2010 ‘Newspaper-less’ Experiment

The last newspaper I bought / read was an edition of The Sun on the 31st of December 2009.

Knowing that I was about to enter this experiment, I made note of most of the major headlines in the first 30 pages of the paper.

I took a look back at those headlines the other day and came to a conclusion: Not reading newspapers is making me happier.

Is that a sweeping, general and self-serving statement? Possibly.

But, if you’ll indulge me, let’s take a look at a handful of those headlines and have a think about how they make you feel…

Now, imagine not being subjected to these headlines first thing in the morning for 115 days.

In the place of ‘physical’ newspapers, I have been getting my news through every other outlet imaginable.

So, I haven’t been avoiding news completely, if anything my consumption has increased, but I choose what I read rather than letting it choose me…and generally I choose not to read about suicides, bombs and guns.

Is not reading stories like this making me narrow?

Am I shying away from the ‘real’ world?

Or am I simply not letting my day start with an unhealthy dose of negativity?

After 115 days of this experiment I still don’t know the answer, but I ‘feel’ happier and more positive about the world…can you blame me?!?

Adam Vincenzini


  • laurensandelin

    Adam, I could not agree with you more.

    Sure, I don’t want to be living under a rock avoiding the news completely…but there’s only so much negativity you can take until it just becomes too much. I’ve never been a huge fan of reading the latest news stories in the paper or watching news programs on TV – they always seem to follow the same pattern, and that pattern is consistently negative. I’m not naïve, I know the world isn’t perfect and tragedy happens…but I also know that isn’t the only kind of news out there.

    I certainly don’t think this is “shying away from the ‘real’ world.” If anything, it allows you to step away from the media’s fear-driven version of reality (and in my opinion, this is never a bad thing).

  • Karima-catherine


    I have not only avoided reading newspapers but watching the news; what did it for me was the Haitian disaster about 100 days ago.

    I am not unaware of what is happening, I am just finding, like you, other outlets to get my news. I am happy to carefully select what news I want to dive into and which news will just be a headline for me.

    I can say that I am more selective and less anxious.

    You sure are positive!!! and the world should follow your footsteps.


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on the experiment. I myself have decided to do the same a year ago and couldn’t be happier. I’m now also choosing which TV news program I want to watch and avoid the ones that use sensationalism (especially when there’s a disaster like KC mentioned).

    Claudia Araujo

  • Shane

    Hi Adam,

    Awesome that you’ve gone 115 days with no newspapers – totally agree on the post. Was thinking the same points you brought up as I was going through the Sunday papers and it was just mayhem & misery. I guess it is a fact that bad news sells and I would rather accuse the media of being too narrow in their reporting given that there are still a lot of positives happening in the world today.

    Look forward to reading more.


  • Paul Sutton

    Don’t think not reading all the negative stuff in the press is making you narrow at all. As you say, it’s not like you’ve shut yourself off from the world and you’re still getting your news fix elsewhere. But what you’re avoiding is the sensationalist drivel! I’m a firm believer in “do what makes you happy”. If avoiding the negativity makes you happier, then keep doing it!

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny, i stopped reading newspapers about 6 months ago and seriously it was the best thing. I do read news on websites and stuff and watch the news at night mostly so i do know what’s going on in the world. Also you get some good info/news from people on Twitter. Much the same way as I happened to find this blog by someone retweeting your tweet. Magic!

  • Diane Meyer

    Well you definitely zeroed in on the negativity the newspapers seem to LOVE. Not only the newspapers but the news media in general. Unless it is shocking they feel they cannot retain our interest.

    While I agree wholeheartedly with you, I still find a benefit in at least glancing through the paper. Just the other day I went to a business forum and just happened to be seated with the President of one of the largest manufacturing companies in Lancaster, PA. The evening before I read that they were celebrating 100 years in business the upcoming weekend. We talked for quite awhile about his company, the celebration etc. We definitely connected and I now have an appt with him to discuss how we may work together.

    While I could have determined that information elsewhere…..I didn’t. You introduced me to Daily Twitter News app and to me that is the way I would like our newspapers to look. All the other ways to obtain the news are better, more rich with information we really need, but for me there is something to be said to have “paper in hand”…even if it is just to skim through each section.

  • Adam Vincenzini

    So many thought and great comments here – in fact Diane, your comment helped inspired today’s post in which I use as an example of how the media is changing.
    I don’t have it ‘in’ for newspapers at all, quite the contrary actually, but this experiment is really testing what I thought to be true…thanks so much for making the ride so great.

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