My Blogger World XI

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is almost here (yep, I’m excited!).

Although the the big prize goes to the best country, it is often the individual brilliance that stands out, culminating in the selection of an all-tournament team on the eve of the final.

This year’s ‘World XI’ might include players like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fabio Cannavaro.

It got me thinking – if I could hand pick my ultimate team of comms bloggers, who’d be in that line-up?

After giving the make-up of this ‘dream team’ some more thought, this is where I ended up…

My Blogger World XI

First, let’s take a look at the team sheet and then I’ll give you some reasons as to why each of these ‘players’ have been selected in the positions they have, in addition to the football / soccer player they are most similar to.

‘Player’ profiles…


1. Trevor Young (@TrevorYoung), Goalkeeper: It’s not Trevor’s formidable physical presence (or his Aussie Rules background) that makes him a great choice as the World XI ‘stopper’.
It is his ability to see things develop one step ahead of everyone else on the field, allowing him to be fully prepared, and develop solutions to plug that gap (and turn it into an attacking opportunity as well).

Player most like: Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Trevor’s blog: The PR Warrior


2. Danny Brown (@DannyBrown), Defender: Danny, who would also be my pick for Captain of this team, has a very holistic approach to his blog. Some entries are incredibly practical and useful, while others are thought provoking and tackle wider issues (pardon the pun!). He’s also a very positive influence, keeping this team on track for success.

Player most like: Jamie Carragher (England)

Danny’s blog: Danny Brown

3. Jay Baer (@JayBaer), Defender: I can’t think of anyone better to patrol the central defence of this team than Jay. His blog often focuses on better ways of doing things or adopting tools / tactics to raise your game. His knowledge, coupled with his no nonsense approach would be invaluable.

Player most like: William Gallas (France)

Jay’s blog: Convince and Convert

4. Lee Odden (@LeeOdden), Defender: Lee is that all-rounder you need in every team. His broad knowledge of social media, SEO and PR means he could mark anyone on the planet. Lee is also great at uncovering new tools / utilities get help get the job done, very handy. A great example of Lee’s broad range of total comms knowledge can be found in this post on SEO and the social web.

Player most like: Maicon (Brazil)

Lee’s blog: Top Rank Blog

5. Tamar Weinberg (@tamar), Defender: Tamar is as thorough as it gets as her recent post on the A-Z of social media strategy shows. Her deep understanding of social media and managing communities is arguably unmatched making her a ‘ready for anyone’ role player in this team.

Player most like: Puyol (Spain)

Tamar’s blog: Techipedia


6. Arik Hanson (@arikhanson), Midfielder: Arik’s selection in this World XI came down to his personality and unselfishness as much as the great content he produces via his blog. Arik, along with people like Danny Brown, epitomize the type of selflessness that make the social web so collaborative and enjoyable. Having Arik as the link guy in this team is a huge asset.

Player most like: Xabi Alonso (Spain)

Arik’s blog: Communications, Conversations

7. Deirdre Breakenridge (@dbreakenridge), Midfielder: You need solid and measured strategic thinkers in any team, and they don’t come much better than Deirdre. Her positive disposition and ability to blend old techniques with new ones is also a huge plus. The advice she provides via her blog, especially in regards to challenging situations, makes her the perfect ‘cool head’ when the stakes are high.

Player most like: Steven Gerrard (England)

Deirdre’s blog: PR 2.0 Strategies

8. Matt Rhodes (@mattrhodes), Midfielder: Matt covers a variety of subjects / topics via his blog, often picking up on things missed via other sources. He also explains things in way that are easy to digest and apply. A nice example of Matt’s easy to comprehend style can be fond here.

Player most like: Michael Essien (Ghana)

Matt’s blog: Fresh Networks Blog

9. Louis Gray (@louisgray), Midfielder: Louis gives this team something different. His blog is mostly very ‘newsy’, featuring items you won’t find in other places. He is also one-step ahead of the game when it comes to technological developments and breakthroughs. A game winner.

Player most like: Cesc Fabregas (Spain)

Louis’ blog: Louis Gray


10. Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra), Striker: Amber could have played in any position on this team, but her flair and creativity make her a great choice up front…hovering near the goal mouth. As most people will attest to, Amber challenges conventional thinking and constantly looks at new and different ways of doing things.

Player most like: Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Amber’s blog: Altitude Branding

11. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer), Striker: Straight to the point, honest, minimal fluff – that is Mark. His blog provides a well-rounded look at marketing communications, blending practical advice with creative solutions. The name of his blog, Grow, sums up what he’s all about – making things bigger and better.

Player most like: Wayne Rooney (England)

Mark’s blog: Grow

What do you think of my selections?

Have I missed anyone?

Do you want to create your own team to play against mine?

Over to you…



  • Danny Brown

    Hey there Adam,

    This is an incredible post – really well thought out and fun to read. Funny enough, you got my position bang on – that’s where I play in actual life, ha!

    Great selection and a team I’d be more than happy to be a part of (and thanks for your very kind words).

    People I’d add?

    Matt Chevy and Tim Jahn ( and as up-and-coming superstars, as every team needs that. 🙂

    You make a good manager, fella. 🙂

  • Deirdre

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you so much for including me on the team. I feel honored. I know I can always count on you for creative posts! And, with you as a coach, we would be a winning team 🙂

  • Adam Vincenzini

    Danny / Deirdre
    Thanks for your comments / positive feedback.
    I often get asked which blogs I follow and the both of you share an awful lot of great information which is beneficial to so many people.
    It was nice to be able to pull together a list and have a bit of fun with it at the same time.
    Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Jay Baer

    What a super cool post. Fantastic! I’m loving our defense. Me and Odden are prone to yellow cards, but Tamara and Danny will keep us on keel. I’m going to cheer for my French doppelgänger now. Thanks for giving me someone to root for after U.S.’s inevitable collapse.

  • Adam Vincenzini

    Jay – I wasn’t aware you were prone to yellow cards…need to think about a good back up for you 😉
    Jackson – there are a bunch of people I would have loved to put in this team, including the guys you have mentioned, plus others like Matt Singley, Francisco Rosales, Lauren Fernandez, Chris Hall, Emily Cagle and so many others – I went with this line up for balance 🙂
    However, I’d love to see another XI created and see who would win – either from the social media field or a completely different one.
    Game on??!!

  • CGSM

    Hi Adam,

    We’re also getting ready for the World Cup at my house, and I loved reading this post! You put together one heck of a team! Arik, Danny, Deirdre, and many of the others keep my Google reader quite full! I’m not sure I’d want to “compete” against you, but let me throw out a few more names for this dream team!

    Lauren Novo- Striker. yes, she’s a rookie, but her energy and creativity make her one to watch.. And she has a maturity that defies her age!

    Valeria Maltoni Striker. Consistently breaking ground with forward thinking posts. Have no idea how she manages to churn out such a high quantity of such high quality posts. Skill and speed…

    Heather Whaling- Midfielder focused and knows how to serve as bot a supporter and leader

    Justin Goldsborough-Midfielder Always ready to try something new. Creative and dependable… And the guy has heart.

    Christine Perkett is my pick for sweeper. She’s an inspiring leader and a strategic thinkers.

    Stephanie Smirnov: Placing her at stopper but I wouldn’t hesitate to put her in any role. Her blog PR Mama offers a glimpse of how she manages to juggle it all. She balances strength, smarts and still keep it fun. I’ll nominate her for captain.

    Karen Russell : Karen’s my Goalie. Check out all her great catches each week in her “the week’s best…” post. A PR professor at UGA, thanks to Karen’s blog and tweets, her lessons extend far beyond the Grady campus.

    Well, that’s a few of the comms bloggers on my “dream team”. Thanks for the fun post!


  • Adam Vincenzini

    Ahhh Valerie…you are awesome!!
    There are some names here that I’m not that familiar with but will be plugging into my Google reader immediately – thank you so much for adding to the ‘squad’.
    It is people like you who make this so much fun.

  • Trevor Young PR Warrior

    Hey Adam, mucho thanks for including me in such a super team – very happy with my inclusion as goalkeeper! I love your ‘conceptual’ posts – always relevant and great reading!

    Another couple of comms bloggers who should be knocking on the door of selection – Valeria Maltoni (as highlighted above) and Gavin Heaton – both are clear thinkers, indefatigable, durable, highly experienced and well-equipped to play a key role on the big stage!

    Cheers buddy, thanks again!

    – Trevor

  • Adam Vincenzini

    Thanks for the heads up Trevor, it’s always great being alerted to other great thinkers out there…helps us all improve our respective games.

    And, of course, I had to have an Aussie on the last line of defence…although with this team the ball may not make it down to you very often 😉



    I had the pleasure of being in Italy during much of the last World Cup and I never saw such passion and excitement in my life! Thanks for capturing some of that fun and including me in your awesome post, Adam!

  • Graytuna

    Hi Adam,
    This must be one of the best and most creative blog posts I’ve read this month – it is really fun and awesome! 🙂

    I’m pleased of course to see that I do recognise a few ones but I’ll make sure that I start to follow the others as well.

    Thanks for sharing! I would like to add a few names though, Gini Dietrich as a forward and Jon Buscall as a defender of course! (even though he hurt his ankle recently)

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