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100 useful social media learnings from 2010…so far… (Part 1 of 5)

Note: Parts two and three of this series are available here and here.

The original purpose of this blog when it was launched 8 months ago was to capture learnings about social media (and PR) to help further my own development as a consultant, but also share bits along the way with others on similar journeys.

As I keep learning, the ‘learning’ never stops, but not much time is spent on reflection and properly taking in all this information.

Through a series of posts, I’m going to try and solve that by featuring 100 of the more useful things I’ve picked up this year…so far… (as broken down by key categories).

These are things I’m using professionally day-to-day for my clients and / or personally as a blogger / social media participant.

Let’s look at the first 20 (relating to location-bases services and Twitter).

100 useful social media learnings in 2010…so far… (Part 1 of 5)

Location based (1-10)

1. Foursquare isn’t the only game in town – there are more than 10 significantly active location based / mobile services in operation (and it’s growing), including: Gowalla, Whrrl, MyTown, Yelp, BrightKite, CitySense, GyPSii, MobiLuck, Loopt, Plazes and iPling

2. News outlets are using foursquare creatively – one such example is Metro, the Canadian commuter newspaper, which tailors news based on specific locations when users ‘check in’

3. Yelp have begun linking it’s restaurant search results with the ability to make reservations within the application – a sign of things to come perhaps?

4. New foursquare apps are constantly being made available – keep up to date with the latest releases here including a nifty one called which helps create photo slide shows on the move

5. Event managers are using Gowalla cleverly including the NBA’s New Jersey Nets who ‘hid’ virtual tickets in selected bars / venues that could be claimed once users checked in

6. is a solid 3rd party foursquare specific search engine that allows for searches by tag / venue

7. FourWhere a public app that helps you discover popular places (i.e. ‘buzzing’ venues) by integrating with foursquare

8. The UK’s Financial Times will soon be offering exclusive content to people who check in at selected coffee shops – another clever use of the platform

9. There are rules businesses and consumers need to be aware of. For example, users technically can’t check in more than once per 11 minute time frame to reduce foursquare ‘fraud’ – the six primary rules can be found here.

10. At present there are 186 foursquare badges – you can keep-up-to-date with the growing list via this link

Twitter (11-20)

11. Bookmarking is a big part of learning – make it easier by using a tool called – this automatically saves any Tweet you send that contains a URL to your delicious page (or as defined by bespoke settings)

12. Archiving tweets by keyword or hashtag is impossible right? Wrong. Set up key phrases / tags with

13. Twitter hashtags can be ‘claimed’ – simply go to and assign an explanation to a tag – or, find out the meaning of a tag – great resource

14. A clever tool has emerged recently called which provides extended biography information by Twitter user – especially handy when getting a ‘handle’ on conversation drivers

15. You can add your business to a directory of businesses on Twitter – it’s called – it’s a solid place to browse brand presence on Twitter

16. Private Twitter lists can come in really handy – I tend to use them when getting an idea of how a sector / subject is being talked about by key conversation drivers (easy to set up)

17. Twitter Media is becoming an increasingly useful place to stop when you’re thinking about integrating the platform with TV, entertainment and journalism (especially the case studies)

18. Retweet measurement tools are useful in measuring the impact of a campaign / message – there is a good list of tools to choose from here – my favourite tool is definitely BackTweets which when assigned to a URL can show you how many limes that link has been shared.

19. Real time news search sites are predominantly based on Tweets – you can check out what is buzzing by using sites like:, Bing’s real time search,, Scoopler and WOWD

20. In need of Twitter case studies? Check out Twitter 101 for case studies on brands like Pepsi, Dell, Levi’s and The North Face.

Over the next week or so I’ll serve up another 80 ‘nuggets’ including areas such as blogs / blogging, content, issues / crisis management, other platforms i.e. Facebook, general tips / tools, events, measurement and more.

If you’ve picked up some neat tricks, secrets or knowledge about location-based services or Twitter that you think might come in handy to other people, drop them in the comments box below.




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