40 of the most useful social media and PR posts of Q2, 2010 (Apr-Jun)

The #Fab40q2 compiled by Adam Vincenzini
In late March, I published a compilation of the 40 most useful social media and PR posts of Q1, 2010.
These picks were based on the links I save away (and share) on my posterous site as part of the ’10 out of 10 in 2010′ series.
Now that we’ve almost arrived at the end of Q2, I thought I’d break open my ‘shared link piggy bank’ again and serve up another ‘Fab 40’.
Shall we get to it? OK then…
40 of the most useful social media and PR posts of Q2, 2010
I’ve broken the collection into the following categories: blogs / blogging, engagement / content, Facebook, tools and tips, measurement / analysis,  PR / buzz and a couple more.
Blogs / blogging
Engagement / content
Tools and tips
Measurement / Monitoring / Analysis
PR / buzz

General resources
Why have these 40 been selected?
One simple reason: each link contains practical information that can be applied right now.
On a collective level, this compilation provides a snapshot of the key areas of consideration for people operating in the social media / PR space.
It is important to recognise that a post like this is only possible because of the amazing knowledge shared on the social web everyday.
Huge credit and thanks goes out to the producers of these posts.
I hope this selection, combined with the picks from Q1, captures the first six months of 2010 adequately.
Now it’s over to YOU!
Are there any other posts / links you’d add to this group?

Has there been anything you’ve spotted in the last few months which is / was invaluable?
Suggest away…

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