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Experience the future of Twitter… ‘Firsthand’

There is no need for an fluffy introduction to this post, the subject matter really does speak for itself…literally and figuratively.

A new application / tool has just been released called tweetbeat Firsthand and it is one of the the most simple yet clever solutions I’ve seen in a LONG time.

In short, it integrates Twitter into any web page, bringing people’s most recent tweets to you within the page / story you are viewing at that time.

tweetbeat Firsthand – How it works…

  1. Go to
  2. Download the extension / application in either Chrome, Firefox of Safari
  3. Once installed, go to a web page you normally visit and keep your eyes peeled for a little blue Twitter icon placed next to people’s (or businesses) names
  4. Hover above the Twitter icon and that person’s most recent Tweets will pop up in a box ‘live’ within the page

Firsthand gives you just that – what people are saying right now wherever you are – pretty cool eh?

Below are some screen grabs of the application in action (using Google News as the example).

Why is this worth keeping an eye on?

This type of integration is an obvious next step for Twitter, giving it a presence anywhere and at any time, ensuring it delivers conversations within conversations.

It also makes previously static web pages come to life with real-time content.

But wait, there’s more…

Another application that also capitalises on piggybacking conversations via Twitter is called See Something, Share Something.

This allows you to sign into your Twitter or Facebook accounts, let your contacts know what TV show you are watching and enables direct conversations about it without the clutter.

This one also is worth a peek.

YOUR turn…

Have you spotted any cool applications of late which are are using thinking / technology like this?

If so, flag ’em up…I’d love to take a look and I’m sure a few other people would too.


Note: If you’ve enabled tweetbeat Firsthand already, you’ll see the Twitter icons all over my page…nice!


  • Shairy Pabon

    I had this GREAT idea a couple of weeks ago, when I thought Facebook should do something exactly like this. I thought how great it would be if I could have an active facebook toolbar that constantly updates my newsfeed and signals alerts (msgs, friend request, event invites, etc.) As I stumble across this page, I feel a tad bit robbed, but hell I knew the social media gurus were probably way ahead of me anyway. A girl can dream right? I’m downloading this right away, and can’t wait to use this tool.

    ps. For future reference, when an individual (myself) has a brilliant idea to add to social media for example, what do you suggest is the best way to getting that idea into the right hands while maintaining credibility for the idea? Would love your input! Follow me on twitter –> scpabon

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