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Revealed: Twitter’s top 29 under 29 as voted (and valued) by you

We decided to have a little fun last week and ask the Twitterverse who they thought were the best young ‘tweeters’ out there.

The response was great – more than 120 nominations were tabled and the voting call to action post was shared on Twitter 220 times.

It illustrated a few things, including:

  • We like to recognise the people that make Twitter a fun channel to be involved with
  • Recognition as a currency carries a high value, whether giving or receiving
  • Giving / sharing matters…and is valued (there that ‘v’ word again)
  • Personality and being a real human is big too (we already knew this, but nice confirmation)
  • The people who stand out do so for specific reason / they are ‘doing’ something
Anyway, enough of the feel-good analysis, let’s highlight these young guns.
Twitter’s top 29 under 29 – October 2010
The final 29, listed below in no particular order, were decided upon through a combination of:
– Number of nominations
– Why they had been nominated
– Specific acts of ‘goodness’ performed

Nominations: 5
Why:While I completely enjoy reading her often witty and entertaining commentary on Twitter, she is a triple threat when it comes to Journalism, PR and social media. Bridget was named New Professional of the Year by PRSA and is definitely a local (and regional) thought leader when it comes to PR and social media. While she is well-known in the community for her innovative client work in PR, she’s also contributed articles about social media to Baltimore magazine, the Baltimore Business Journal and many others on and offline.” (from Michael)
Nominations: 8
Why: (Jill) is a force to be reckoned with where social media is concerned. One of the most engaging people in the Twitterverse, Jill copes with multiple accounts, Facebook, & her own very brilliant website, all with grace, elegance, sophistication & flair.” (from Dani)
Nominations: 6
Why: WTF is my social media strategy was amazing, more than that – he response to twitter surveys and has more nous than any other, not just under 29, makes a lot of sense with a young head on his shoulders.” (from Dan V)
Nominations: 3
Why: ‘Max is fun, knows his stuff, doesn’t take it too seriously and is a nice fella in real life’ (from @HarrietCrosse)

Nominations: 2
Why: “(Becky) is a smart, talented communications and PR professional who also happens to be an unbelievable photographer. Oh, and did I mention she has her own blog featuring key influencers and other insightful commentary about the digital space? She’s definitely one of those people you want to keep an eye on.” (from Erica Finchley)

Nominations: 6
Why: “Because [a] he ain’t no twit [b] he makes me laugh [c] he makes me think [d] he shares cool stuff and finally [e] he listens (he suggested that last bit! :))” (from Sophy)

Nominations: 6
Why: ‘Uses Twitter (and social media in general) to gain results and bring real benefits to people and businesses and the driving force behind #LikeMinds’ (from Robert Pickstone)

The #SoCol 3
One of this year’s best social media events was put together with the help and drive of these three people who are all aged under 29…awesome!

Nominations: 6
Why: “Great work on SoCol, awesome integration of PR with social media, an important young voice in the industry, and a lovely person. :)” (from @EmilyCagle)

Nominations: 5
Why: ‘Barry has been behind a number of great online-to-offline initiatives, developing engaged communities as a result’ (from Steve Ward)

Nominations: 3
Why: ‘A driving force behind #SoCol and a nice person to boot’ (from John Bottom)

The other 19 people that are part of your top 29 include:

@CharlieSaidThat (a young guy running his own business), @lousiedoherty (part of the Rabbit clan), @vikkichowney (a positive voice and a driving force behind Reputation Online), @beckysocial (a bank of social media knowledge), @katiecolbourne (a great sharer), @joshfeldberg (a constant source of information and banter), @atkirby (behind the highly engaged Startup Donut community), @ewilko (applying knowledge and sharing it), @cubanalaf (as thoughtful and fun as they get), @davidspinks (Twitter chat pioneer),  @thetylerpeters (a ‘teacher’), @emilycagle (too many reasons to list!), @dannyblahblah (knowledge and humour), @joshgroth (a ‘great mind’ according to @MattSingley), @alleighmarre (the complete package), @jamespoulter (sharp as they get), @Johntmeyer a vibrant young entrepreneur), @PinotBlush (gets involved and adds value at every step), @Rachela8 (positivity and enthusiasm personified).

See the full list of nominations and reasons why they were highlighted via the original post (and also check out the other people nominate too – some more great young talents in there).

What does this list mean?

It doesn’t mean or prove anything.

It doesn’t officially crown these 29 individuals as Twitter’s superstars to be.

It simply recognises some people who are doing good things and have struck a chord with the people they interact with.

But, that is cool enough.

What can you do with this list? 

This might have uncovered some people you weren’t aware of or simply given you a better understanding as to why they have such good reputations.

If you want to follow everyone on this list and keep an eye on their progress in the future, check out the ‘T29’ Twitter list here.

So, that was a bit of fun!

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations, shared the voting post and brought a number of talented people to our collective attention.

Adam is the blog from Adam Vincenzini which focuses on social media and PR. Connect with Adam on Twitter or subscribe to his blog.

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