Rewind 2010: Social and digital media review

A special free report looking back on 2010 is available here

Social and digital media hogged the communications spotlight again in 2010.

While the noise was constant, the number of actual developments that had an impact weren’t so plentiful.

To help put it in perspective, myself and the team at Paratus Communications have pulled together a pack that looks at:

The 10 BIG trends from 2010
Smaller, but still important developments
Some of the trends we explored included:
  • The powerful new platforms that are making self publishing even easier
  • The untapped riches of hidden data
  • Content put in context
  • Rewards on the rise
The summary of key events from the year in the second part of the report will also come in handy for anyone wishing to catch up on everything that has happened in the last 12 months.

Whether you manage a brand or simply just enjoy the social media space, the presentation available here will ensure you are ready for 2011.



Note: Going into 2011 you’ll find me blogging more regularly at where I’ll be focusing on the impact social and digital media is having on brand guardians.

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