The 12 most useful social media posts I’ve ever read

I’m a bit of a bookmark addict.

If I see something that looks even vaguely interesting I’ll flag it up with the intention of reading it later.

But guess what? I never do…well, not as much as I’d like anyway.

So, over the last 10 days I’ve been digging through my Twitter Favorites (via the Favorious tool), Delicious and Diigo bookmarks and Evernote web clips to take in all the stuff I missed.

After reading through a few posts (and one particular one by Jason Falls) I started to compile a list of posts that I know I’ll call on again and again.

And, I thought I’d share them with you…so here goes…

1. 30 questions for your content strategy by Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

Scroll down when you click through and take note of the organizational, audience and content questions Jason has listed – handy, concise and relevant.

Use: Consult this when someone says ‘what can we talk about on our own channels?’

Tags: Content, strategy

2. Social media policy questions by Deirde Breakenridge, PR 2.0 Strategies

Another post that has encouraged me to write more ‘question’ posts on my own blog. Deirdre explains what to look out for when creating a social media policy ranging from employee access to tech issues.

Use: When someone says ‘can we have a chat about our social media policy?’

Tags: Governance, policy

3. How to write for the web: 23 useful rules by Chris Lake, econsultancy

PR people tend to think they can automatically write for the web. Sadly, this isn’t the case but thanks to this useful post from Chris Lake you’ll have some simple things to refer to when writing your next bit of web copy.

Use: This is worth sharing with a colleague who is interested in writing content specifically for the web.

Tags: Content

4. 57 social media policies and examples by Dave Fleet

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t read through every single one of these 57 examples but I love knowing they are all in one place if I ever need them.

Use: Whenever and wherever you need ’em.

5. How to write a Wikipedia entry by Valeria Maltoni

I haven’t had much experience with writing / editing Wikipedia entries (despite how powerful it is) so this is particularly useful for me…well, it will be one day!

Use: Next time you are adding something to Wikipedia.

Tags: Content

6. Top 75 apps for enhancing your Facebook page by Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner

It is easy to forget that Facebook is an incredibly sophisticated channel. Thankfully, Mari Smith has compiled this list of resources to get the most from your Facebook page.

Use: Whether you’re establishing a new Facebook page or improving an existing one, this post is a terrific checklist to consult.

Tags: Facebook, tools / apps

7. 10 awesome free tools to make infographics via

This post isn’t flawless, but it is the best I’ve come across when it comes to resources you can call on to create infographics.

Use: Consult this if you want to dabble in the infographic creation game but seek out other resources too.

Tags: Tools, infographics

8. A social media marketing checklist by Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog

Lee has listed every little thing you can think of when preparing to execute a social media marketing activity, ranging from general organisation to measurement.

Use: Consult this one a few days before you hit ‘go’ on an activity to ensure you’ve covered all of your bases.

Tags: Delivery

9. The 10 best corporate blogs in the world by Mark Schaefer

A very recent post that looks at what makes a great company blog, and more importantly, provides examples of the ones to use as benchmarks.

The goals / purpose of each of these blogs are also featured which is incredibly useful on its own.

Use: When determining the strategy / direction of corporate blogs you’re involved with.

Tags: Blogs

10. 20 things you can do to make your website more Google friendly via

I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to SEO so this post came in incredibly handy for me. Tips like  featuring a site map for both Google crawling and user experience purposes registers as common sense after you’ve read it…but sometimes you have to read it first!

Use: When someone says ‘why aren’t we ranking higher on Google?’

Tags: SEO, Google

11. How to develop a social media strategy: A road map for integration by Shannon Paul

The best part of this post is the ‘defining the scope of the conversation’ section which is a must read for anyone who wants to feel comfortable about engaging online.

Use: A great reference for general social media advice.

Tags: Strategy

12. How to create a social media share of voice report by Jay Baer

I’ve used this method a few times in the last 12 months and it is great to use when you need to turn a report like this around in quick time.

Use: Big brand share of voice comparisons suit this method best.

Tags: Analysis

If you have any other ‘keepers’ please drop ’em in the comments section below.


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