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There is no such thing as a ‘social media campaign’

The term ‘social media campaign’ is an oxymoron.

A campaign (in a marketing sense) is defined as “a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose”.

In other words, a campaign is activated, succeeds or fails, and then, ends.

Social media, on the other hand, is all about on-going engagement and conversations. It is endless.

So, how on earth can you have a social media campaign?

It’s time to get real…

Social media is tiny

What is the role of social media then?

It can certainly amplify a campaign.

It can make an organisation more accessible to its customers.

It can even improve the way an organisation conducts itself, making transparency a higher priority.

But can it carry an organisation by itself? No.

Will poor social media execution alone kill an organisation? No.

Will one good idea executed on a social media channel change the fortunes of an organisation overnight? No.

(The Tippex Bear immediately springs to mind here).

Social media accounts for 5.6% of marketing budgets in the US according to eMarketer.

That means only £1 in every £20 goes towards the thing we (comms folk) obsess about on Twitter all day every day.

Where does that leave us?

Don’t use social media for the sake of using social media.

Don’t talk about it in meetings as if it has magical powers.

Don’t make it the only thing you focus on.

In other words, respect social media, but don’t disrespect everything else.


P.S I realise this post turned into a mini-rant but I can assure you that was not the aim. I, like lots of other people, love the fact that social media has shaken up the communications eco-system, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it isn’t the only show in town. is the blog from Adam Vincenzini which focuses on social media and PR. Connect with Adam on Twitter or subscribe to his blog

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